Work Ethics Assignment

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Tardiness or being absent can also impact job performance and retention. Being on time shows that the employee is responsible and it reflects their character. When you arrive on time for work it demonstrates dependability, reliability, and trustworthiness which gives respect to your boss and co- workers. It is said that common sense and barbers know that two heads are better than one. Employees who work as team players are vital in business today. It is important not only to their personal success and advancement, but also to that of their co-workers and to the company.

Team work involves, expecting the rights of others, being a team worker, being cooperative, being assertive, displaying good customer service, demonstrating good behavior, respecting confidentiality. Team work is what gives strength to a working force and setting your opinions aside and working together to get the job done. Donald Trump says “For entrepreneurs, ignorance is not bliss. It’s fatal. It’s costly. And it’s for losers. You either get organized, or get crushed. ” Employers, consider effective time management and organizational skills as good work habits. Organizational skills are a crucial part of being a successful employee.

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Organization means arranging activities according to their importance. Effective organizational skills increase your productivity and lets the boss recognize the potential that one has. Organizational skills can provide a stress free work place and shows value in work performance. In conclusion, excellent attendance, teamwork, and effective and efficient organizational skills are some of the best assets that an individual can obtain and offer an employer when interviewing for a job position. Having this knowledge opens doors and opportunity for career minded people.

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