Virtue Ethics Advantage Assignment

Virtue Ethics Advantage Assignment Words: 253

These character traits are classified as the backbone of virtue ethics. When we look at action utilitarianism, we think of rules and our call to duty. Nothing is greater than our call to duty, and we are sentenced to perform the most pivotal option. With virtue ethics we are almost provided more eel-way if you will. Morals are taken into much more depth and consideration than with action-utilitarianism. If we look at Kantian demonology, we notice the perfect and imperfect duties.

These set of rules are essentially a guideline of how us people should act and live our lives. Once again, virtue ethics allows more freedom to decide for ourselves and make exceptions to these rules. An issue that surrounds Kantian demonology is that there must be exceptions to these perfect duties. The way I look at it, we can with a virtue mindset. We are allowed to take our moral code and apply it to the situation. Overall, I believe that virtue ethics allows people to make their win decisions, and with what people should do.

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This again conflicts with act- utilitarianism because it believes that the decision should be based on the best result for man-kind, not just one individual. Virtue ethics, along with our morals intact, allow for persons to take into consideration for others and select an option that results in better outcome for that person. These are a few advantages believe virtue ethics offers instead of utilitarianism and demonology.

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