Values and Ethics Assignment

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There is a big correlation with professional values and ethics in regards to career success. Values can be defined as those beliefs that are imperative to your lifestyle. They are the conditions, which we use to determine what is morally correct. They provide the foundation for our behavior. Ethics are the results and reactions to our value system. Values determine what is right or wrong while ethics is the actions of doing what u believe is right or wrong. Values provide direction on your actions personally and professionally. Typical values are honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, etc.

They can be derived from your religious background, childhood or life’s lessons most people get their values from a higher power or a religious source. For example, Christians get their value system from the Bible and the Ten Commandments. They believe to treat everyone like you would want to be treated. You’re your brother as God and Jesus would love you. This cannot always be a positive thing. In a certain Muslim culture, they believe in dying for Allah, which is their higher power. Therefore, they may believe it is ethically correct to strap a bomb and kill several people.

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Ethics are based on your decisions, thoughts and actions. They act out your value system. Ethics is concerned with how a moral person should behave instead of to what is corrective. You may develop your ethics from a life experience. If you have been cheated on, or lied to you have experience phenomenal amount of pain. Therefore, honesty may be more important to you than other people. You may not want people to experience the pain that you have. Your parents or whoever raises you have a significant reflection on your values and ethics. Growing up your are forced to believe what they believe in.

If your family preached about compassion for others and integrity, that is what you will practice. Most people who don’t have a strong family foundation are forced to raise themselves. If they don’t have a moral direction to follow then you will participate what others would believe is ethically wrong. For example, some teens that comes from a rough background tends to hang out with the “wrong crowd. ” Those teens may rob, steal, or kill. Society gets their values from the Constitution and our law system. When you break the law, it is ethically wrong and your are punished. Depending on the severity of your behavior it may cost your life.

Murder is the considered the worst ethically decision that you can make. Therefore you may spend your life in prison or your life could be taken away. Your values and ethics can impact all areas of your life including your career. If you value hard work and dedication then those are the people that make it to the top. For example, Chris Gardner is a very popular businessman and they even made a movie about him, The Pursuit of Happiness. He knew if he worked hard, it would eventually pay off. He even worked for free. He was right and started his own companies. Chris Gardner is now a multi-millionaire.

Your ethics may not always have a positive effect on your career. For example, some women may think that their physical qualities may advance them. The term “sleep your way to the top” is quite known. Certain women feel if they exchange themselves to the right person then they can advance in their career faster. That is never the case because if you do exchange your body for something that is considered ethically wrong. People will find out and that woman will loose all respect. Once people loose respect for you, you can almost never get it back. Without respect, you would never have any success in your career.

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