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There also could be times when It could be hard to follow these guidelines. In this essay I will give examples of all of this from my own personal experience. This will help you to get a better understanding of professionalism standards and ethics. I am a very sarcastic person and make a lot of sarcastic Jokes. Professionalism standards and ethics force me to change my behavior. Not everyone Likes sarcasm; they could perceive this to be Insulting. Even though I have no intention of Insulting anyone I need to keep It In mind.

It would be very disrespectful and unethical to insult someone who is coming to you for help. It also could embarrass them and they may feel too ashamed to seek help next time. As a health care professional it is my responsibility to make people feel respected and comfortable. By doing this I can give them the best care possible because they will trust me and be able to tell me everything they have concerns about. My previous lob was a mental health setting. The staff had a strict set of guidelines to follow with each student/client.

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The students had a lot of bizarre and dangerous behaviors, and each had a written program that traveled with them so that each staff could ensure it was being followed. Staffs are to be completely focused on the students their entire shift. I have seen things there that were not exactly professional but not unethical and have said something to correct it but saw no need to report. Staff would be having a conversation with each other. This took their attention away from their students, who were highly likely to be taking every advantage of that. Fortunately I have also seen some things that need to be reported as well. We had a girl that had been sexually abused, and as a result, contracted Stud’s. I had a staff that refused to work with her because of it and made it known to other students what had happened. I reported that staff and she was fired for that. Another example Is when a staff was giving a student Inquiry so that she would sleep at night. The staff did this for her own convenience so that she could sleep during her overnight shift. These examples are fairly easily avoided, however sometimes It was not so simple.

The students there are very dangerous and Intimidating. This facility Is based on behaviorism, rewards and punishment. My Job was to make sure that If the students were being good, they were rewarded. However If they did something wrong, It was my Job to tell them that It was wrong and they will not receive a reward. It Is very difficult to tell this to a six foot tall muscular teenager when you know they are going to punch you as soon as they hear It. This Is the only time that I have found It difficult to follow the company’s professional ethics.

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