Drama assessment on dennis kellys ‘DNA’ Assignment

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Lea being the main narrator, sat up on her knees, Inviting the audience In to listen and seemed more comforting and engaged, whereas Phil communicated with the audience with the lack of focus and response, showing have AR away Phil really is to understanding Leash’s thoughts and feelings. The actors facial features were kept very minimal, neural expressions which showed no emotion allowing the other two character to really communicate and show the audience what they really think and feel.

We did this to support our Interpretation of the characters and what we got from the play which was that Lea had deep feelings for Phil, which he took for granted. I played Leash’s conscience, alongside….. , who played Phial’s. I and … Walked up to each other hesitantly, showing the lack of communication between the characters as their unsure of their relationship. We help our hands out towards each other after we had separated to communicate through the use of gesture, to the audience that we do truly need each other, we just can’t show it.

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This was my idea, and I think it was successful because I really wanted to show to the audience the true feelings of the two characters and I think this was a good moment to communicate with the audience. I contrasted with tone of voice, as she uses a soft yet pleading tone, I respond to it with an aggressive tug of Cam’s arm, silently beginning him to respond. Leash’s self-conscious, in coherent character and Phial’s stubborn blindness, tops them communicating, and I believe this is why their relationship is so strained and unclear. ћ… Asked us to enter the stage one by one, and to create a still image of a character, showing them at the start and end of the play. We had to then bring our image to life, using role play to show what we would have thought at those points. I was playing Brian, a miss interpreted character, which didn’t get enough attention even though the situation was clearly affecting him in a strong physiological level. For my first still image I stood with a slouch, protectively wrapping my arms around my odd, by lowering onto a smaller level, symbolizes Briar’s vulnerability and scared nature.

Avoiding eye contact too communicate with the audience, showing how uncomfortable Brain was, repeating “l can’t go In there” and “l feel guilty, stuttering my words. By slurring and stuttering the words shows the audience that I’m not an overly confident character and the pressure and guilt Is getting too much for me, communicating my feelings and status within the group, saying things Like “they can’t make me go in their again”, showing that the rest of the group takes advantage of his weak nature, which Is showed throughout the play. On the other hand, when …. Wowed his Interpretation, he showed Brian forcefully splitting out his words, showing his distaste towards the other characters In the play, glaring at the audience, communicating via facial expression, whereas I relied on my body language. After delivering my narration, I used a melting machine to change my Briar’s over enthusiastic, UN naturalistic character in contrast to the serious situation he was in. At the end of the play, you’re informed of Briar’s diagnosed mental issue, so I tried to communicate that with over enthusiastic body moment and gestures, to express the erratic state of his mind.

It was intriguing to see where the characters ended up after being involved in murder, and Briar’s account has got to be the most shocking and legit, Dennis Kelly is clever with the way he shows his character. Miss asked us to get into larger groups to perform a conscious alley to show Phial’s inner battle for his decision to kill Adam. My group was the most effective as we added various bits of narration in the mist of some role playing in unison. I was on the side which was trying to skillfully persuade Phil to choose the moral decision, too not kill

We started off with the lights off, eliminating the audiences senses, all laughing in high pitches, moving around the blocks to make the audience vulnerable, communicating Adams feelings which he would of felt when he woke up with the woods surrounding him. I silenced the laughing and the darkness by saying the line “So however you been living? “, a seemingly innocent, naturalistic question, which then .. Elaborates and turns the scene from Statisticians inspired to Retard in a quick change of pace, which is heightened with the rest of us hitting the block and our legs and add a form of an ritual.

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