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Laws & Ethics What are laws and ethics? What are different types of abuse, neglect, and misappropriate ways to handle a resident’s belongings? What are the deferent types of roles of the nurse aide in securing informed consent prior to providing care to the resident? Enforcement of laws Is made possible by penalties for disobedience, which are decided by a court of law or are mandatory as written into the law. Penalties vary with the severity of the crime. Lawbreakers may be fined, imprisoned, or both.

Sometimes lawbreakers are sentenced to probation. There are two types of laws there are criminal; an offense against the public and civil; a relationship between the people. Ethics describe the knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct, or knowing right from wrong. Code of ethics may differ from one facility to another, but revolve around the idea that the resident is a valuable person who deserves ethical Different types of abuse and neglect are Physical abuse is generally thought care. Include hitting, slapping, pushing, or striking with objects. In nursing homes, other types of actions have been included, such as improper use of physical or chemical restraints. Physical abuse also typically includes sexual abuse or nonsensical sexual Involvement of any kind. From rape to unwanted touching or Indecent exposure. The nurse aide’s role with securing informed consent prior to providing care to the resident must respect the fact that a resident has the right to make own self- determination.

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They report all resident observation and incidents & make sure they show empathy to each individual they provide care for. Concluding with nurse aides must remember to respect the fact that residents have the right to make their own decisions regarding all end of life decisions and may differ from nurse aides own personal ethics. They also have the right to request everything possible In order to prolong life. Reference: towpath. Incubi.

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