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Since people are different, you cannot expect the same results from different personalities and morals. Ethics is defined as the complex off ideals, beliefs, or standards that characterizes or pervades a group, community, or people. Also, can be defined as learning what is right or wrong and then doing the right thing. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008) Your ethics and morals change depending on the atmosphere, the world, and what is required of a person, in the given situation. There are three different types of ethics; religious ethics, educational ethics, and business ethics.

Religious ethics is doing what is right in the church and staying true to your certain religion, no matter what you may encounter. Educational ethics is submitting all work by you and only you. (Sheppard, 2008) Business ethics is, handling situations using your beliefs and morals whether in a managerial position or not. In business and ethics, there is no guarantee that you will always get along with others or that everything will always be confidential. Most of the time, your co-workers agendas may differ from your own agendas. Even though confidentiality is expected in a company, responsibility comes first. People also deserve chances, so you should confront the person first and then if the behavior continues, report the act to management. Keeping your word is a big factor in business, because no one wants to work around someone who they cannot trust to be true to their word. Corporate social responsibility is also an important factor in business. Most businesses that try and sell a product to the customer are not trying to understand the consumers needs and wants. The employees that work for these companies only care about one thing and that is their quotas that need o be met for the month.

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Management need to be able to manage ethics in the workplace because they can benefit from it tremendously. This can be true when it is very important to understand the diverse values in today’s workplace. The most frequent forms of business ethics literature today include: a) philosophical, which requires orientation and analysis; b)anthologies, which require time, review and integration; c)case studies, which require numerous cases, and much time and analyses to synthesize; an d)focus on social responsibility, which includes examples of good and bad actions taken by companies. Manager, 2008) Written by Stark in his article, while much has been written about individual components of ethics programs, especially about codes of ethics, the literature is much more limited on ethics programs. (Sanders, 2008) More management and leaders must increase their involvement in order to make this mandatory in businesses, instead of thinking it’s an irrelevant issue. Educational ethics states that all work completed will be your own work and if you use other resources, that you will give the author credit for their work.

Students find hat it is easier to succeed in the classroom with the use of lectures and presentations, instructor led discussions, individual reading of texts and articles prior to class meetings, case presentations, and studying for and taking examinations. Teachers find it to be more effective when they make a short presentation and then indulge in a dialogue with the students about current life issues. Plagiarism is a serious offense in all schools and can lead to being sued, criminal or civil charges, being imprisoned and more. Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008) Leer College of Management in Tucson did a river of more than 18, 000 students on 23 campuses. They found that half of the undergraduate class admitted to incidents of cheating on written work and that 22 percent admitted serious cheating on tests. (Carroll, 2005) By doing research they have discovered that 63 percent of business majors cheat somewhere throughout their program. (Carroll, 2005) Most colleges before admitting the student require them to sign some kind of agreement that they will perform all work independently and not commit acts of cheating while attending the college.

Studies have also found that ethics course rank east to business courses in schools because students don’t see how the course is relevant to their career. Many questions that educators have about ethics are debated at meetings held by organizations such as: CABS International, the Society of Business Ethics, the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management, and the International Association for Business and Society. (Carroll, 2005) I see examples of religious ethics in today’s world everyday. You have High Priests who are molesting children.

You also have preachers, ministers, and bishops who are prostituting, stealing none from the church, abusing their spouses and children. So far there has been a count of 1, 205 abusing Priests and 4, 2068 victims. (Decodes, 2007) Commentary about the clash between the United States Press and Catholic Church has issued from the sexual abuse scandal. The Bishops in many of these cities have held these Priests accountable but have also transferred the Priests into position where they continued to commit acts Of sexual abuse. (Decodes, 2007) It is a known factor that clergy sexual abuse has been a serious issue for decades.

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