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With so many cases like that on the rise in the helping profession, the American Psychiatric Association stated that in their deadlines that “helpers should be multicultural competent and know their limitations in serving diverse clients” (PAP Ethical Guidelines; 1993,2003). Multicultural Competence To practice multicultural competence, it takes three aspects: Awareness- the identification of one’s own biases and levels of openness to others, as well as awareness of other cultures. Knowledge: includes both general cultural knowledge and information specific to various cultures.

Skills: the ability to address cultural issues and may involve empirically supported, adapted techniques for specific cultures, and other techniques hat may have culture-based support. 10 Dimensions of Culture When using the term “Culture” it is often associated and often limited to the 4 predominate ethnic minorities: African American Native American Hispanics/Latino Asian Americans However in ethical guidelines when referring to culture, there are ten dimensions that allow the helper to understand the various belief systems and worldviews on healing and illness.

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Age Gender Race Teeth nicety National Origin Religion Sexual Orientation Disabilities engage Ethics in Relation to Culture In the subject of Teeth CICS, there is an array of beliefs that purport Ethics being universal and independent of culture. But on the opposite side of the debate, scholars also argue that ethical principles vary across cultures and contexts. From these two opposing sides, there lies in the middle another view called “ethical multiculturalism” which takes into consideration cultural norms in ethical principles.

Virtue Ethics and Culture Some practitioners ask helpers to adopt the view of Virtue Ethics, which asks for personal transformation and ongoing character development to pursue the highest form of multiculturalism. Explanatory Models of Addiction When working with clients of a different culture, it is crucial that the helper ask questions to guide the discovery of the patient’s understanding of the illness and treatment.

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