Ethics Paper Assignment

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Gary Ballistics plays a major role in how a company will succeed, depending on the employees hired and the types of Executive level associates hired who has a strong social responsibility background can determine a company’s future. This paper will discuss roles in ethics and social responsibility, and when developing a strategic plan how Important It Is to consider stakeholder needs and agendas.

An example of a company who overstepped their ethical boundaries for stakeholders agendas will be given and how to avoid those types of situations will be discussed. Stakeholders require great Social Responsibility from their investments. Executive Level Manager’s must make sure they are strategically making responsible decisions as their decision has a significant impact on their stakeholders. In developing a unique strategy that focuses on Social Responsibility the company must be willing to hire a person who has the knowledge to lead a dedicated Social Responsibility Team.

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This team will allow concentration on developing goal oriented plans that allow sole focus on stakeholders needs and their agendas. Having a dedicated team allows this to become an Important part of the company while also allowing them to contribute towards good company reputation of outstanding corporate citizenship. In addition, ethics has always been about doing the right thing, often times business leaders get caught In the middle because of person gain. For example.

If someone has the responsibility of working with a company that involves a building project, during the scope of this project the Project Manager is approached by the company President asking him to implement something that isn’t discussed for the project. During this discussion the Project Manager is offered a substantial amount of money to implement what they want done. It is the ethics of that Manager that will either allow him to take the money or refuse. Building strong ethics within the Individual person and strong ethics In the workplace takes practice and time.

In my opinion many people don’t want work hard but want to work to receive money to pay for their living expenses. Many people often accept jobs they really don’t want or like to bring in a paycheck, and often those people don’t take the goals and work of the company seriously. According to Steve Palling a strong work ethic begins with a disciplined morning routine. A person should start their day strong this statement Is basically telling us that when waking up for work don’t hesitate CITATION Stets 1033 (Palling, 2006) and put the alarm on snooze get up, to start the day productively.

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