Ethics in Criminal Justice Week One Assignment

Ethics in Criminal Justice Week One Assignment Words: 632

Making Moral Decisions and Moral Dilemma I have not come across of faced many moral dilemmas in my professional life, there is one issue in particular that I often remember, mainly because it was a stressful time in my life. Working as a customer care operator in call center is long hours, low pay and is highly stressful Job causing personally and professional issues. It also leaves us, the customer service operators’ large sums of money to use on customers, per call.

The company trained us, than trusted the employees to review customer counts and adjust or add credit as we see needed, providing that we keep the company and the customer in best interest. As an employee I was fair, if the customer’s account was billed incorrectly or the customer was correct I gave the credit or adjustments and vice versa. The Situation One evening during the holiday season I received a call from a woman who had $1 ,500 bill and her services where disconnected. Usually, in a situation like this we have a policy to go, but there is always ways to help the customer as we see needed.

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This customer explained that she had to choose between paying her gas and electric ill, food and Christmas presents instead of her cell phone bill, but had a death in a family and desperately needed her service reconnected without paying the past due balance. My decision As a professional, well trained and someone who always honest, I still cannot help but to empathic with people who struggle financially. It would have been easy for me Just to reconnect the service but then I would not be looking out for the company because her bill was high and she was a high risk for a payment plan.

However, there was a death in the family, it was the holiday season and she claim that her accidental’ used the internet on her phone, not realizing that she was on a pay as you go plan, rather than a plan that gives you monthly allowance for internet use which make a significant difference in price. Morally, I not only empathetic with this particular customer, but I also sympathized with her and her unfortunate situation. As an employee, I had no right to do anything the account because she was past due over $1000. 00, disconnected and this was not the first time that this has happened to her.

Conclusion The decision I made was definitely not easy but I wanted to do the “right” old offer her, per company rules, regarding the death in her family. Luckily, I was able to find information on a policy offered to customers dealing with a sudden death in the family as long as a death certificate could be provided within 60 days. This policy allowed me to temporally restart her service for 60 day, without being billed and I was able to adjust the internet charges because of another policy found after consulting my manger and getting his input, who also sympathized with the customer.

Overall, my decision to research the company’s policies, rather than Just connect the woman service Just because I felt sorry for her, was the right and moral thing to do. Overall, I personally feel that the action that is morally correct is the one that produces the greatest good (amount of happiness) for the greatest number of people. In this case, the company was more than happy to assist a customer in distress and the customer was able to reunite with her family during a time of need. References Brawled, M. C. , McCarthy, B. R. , & McCarthy, B. J. (2012). Justice, crime, and ethics (7th deed. ). Burlington, MA: Anderson Publishing.

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