Ethics: Gay Marriage Assignment

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Conservatives believe in upholding traditional values. Which one is right? Which one is wrong? It is hard to decide. We have all grown up with the values that our parents have instilled in us from birth. These are our traditional values. As we grow and mature, we start to form our own views and some of us come to decide that we need to have a more open view on life whereas some of us stay within our original beliefs. There is a constant struggle between the two points of view. So much that the two political parties that we have in America can be summed up by the two views: Liberal is Democrat (http://dictionary. Preference. Com/browse/Democrat? S=t). Conservative is Republican (http://dictionary. Reference. Mom/browse/Republican? S=t). This has become the norm, but my own father was a Conservative that voted Democrat so this theory is not written in stone. Referring back to the opening statement and why it is so important to the premise of this writing is the double standard that could be interpreted. Many Conservatives are pro-life (http://www. Defenestration. Com/pro-life) which means that they feel that abortion is the taking of a human life, whereas Liberals are pro-choice (http://www. Hypercritically. Com/ pro-choice) that feel that a woman has the right to decide if she wants to carry a fetus to full term or if to abort the pregnancy. Conservatives are against homosexuals. They feel that the life style is an abomination against the preconceived notion that a sexual relationship should only be between a man and a woman. Liberals believe that everyone should have the freedom to love whom they chose whether it be a man loving a woman, or another man, or a woman loving a man or another woman.

So the opening question to a Conservative is this: You are pro-life so you believe the child should not be aborted, but you are anti-homosexual so if you knew that the child would be gay would you still be pro-life? Conservatives claim Christianity in their viewpoint and scruples. They claim they are doing God’s will and upholding a moral code of ethics. History has proven that what the Conservatives stand for and try to enforce has been overturned by public opinion and legislations time and time again (A. Amaretto, 2013).

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Slavery, Woman’s Suffrage, Evolution, Prohibition, and Segregation to name a few are issues that Conservatives have fought for over the years. To say that the Bible had a positive view on Slavery, and that they were upholding biblical standards and had the right to enslave another human being in today’s views is Ludicrous. Over the last thirty years we have witnessed the rise and fall of men claiming to be of religious purpose and Conservative views and have seen their fall from grace. Jim Backer (http://www. Infeasible. Com),Jimmy Swaggers 0. Kaufman, 1998), and Jerry Falafel (L.

Varies, 2007) have claimed that gay marriage is an abomination to God while standing on their moral soap boxes, that have been proved as hypocrites. Backer and Swaggers both committed illegal sexual acts while pointing fingers at the sinners known as homosexuals. Falafel said that the events of 9/1 1 were because of God’s anger against homosexuals. We can go back even further to find men that have used the name of God and Conservative views to Justify their actions. One name that immediately comes to mind is Adolph Hitler (http://www. Billable. Com/ Hitler_was_Christian. HTML).

I do want to mention that not all Conservatives or Republicans have been bad men with ulterior agendas. Abraham Lincoln (http://www. History. Com/topics/us-presidents/Abraham-Lincoln) and Ronald Reagan (http://www. History. Com/topics/us- presidents/Ronald-Reagan) were great men that will forever be remembered for their leadership as Presidents of our nation. Liberals in history have not been held to the high standard that Conservatives have because of their beliefs are not as demanding (D. Prater, 2013). Bill Clinton, who was a good President by most views, had an extra-marital affair while serving as President.

He went on to lie about having the affair and the issues of White Water led to a failed Impeachment process (http://www. Historically. Com/uninterested/impeachments/ Clinton. HTML). Because of his actions, he alienated most Conservatives and they stood against him, but because he was a Liberal he will not e remembered in history for his transgressions as much as his open views and economic prosperity. After identifying these ethical issues that pertain to the ground work for this topic, I change the focus to the issue of gay marriage.

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