Buddhist Ethics Assignment

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To end suffering we must end desire, Release from suffering is possible through the noble eightfold path. The four noble truth is a like a doctor, you have the symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and the prescription The weakness of Buddhist Ethics, many Buddhist are opposed to any form Of violence, the Dali Lama prohibits the use of arms even In cases of self defense, another weakness of Buddhist Is there Is no Independent self and the last nakedness I think Buddhist Is there virtue of Impartiality seems rather naive In the view of our human nature.

Buddhist has a couple of strengths, Buddhist Ethics shows the Importance of cultivating good character another strength In Buddhist Ethics Is that It cautions us against uncritically slipping In taking extreme action. Confucian Ethics The five great relationship examples are father-son, elder brother-younger brother, husband-wife, elder friend-younger friend, ruler-subject. The five virtues are Jean Is human heartiness, consideration and compassion. IL is that we act in a decent fashion with good manners, good judgment and discretion.

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Shush says to do not do unto others what you would not wish done to yourself, Again,its devotion to your offspring by doing what brings respect for family and also respect for parents and elder and cares for the children. Went, is about culture it’s the knowledge and skill in the arts and also appreciating beauty. The weakness in Confucian Ethics there are a few weakness but some are ruler -subject father-son and husband-wife Confucian Hough that the virtue lies in its social and interpersonal meaning with the husband and wife even though the spouses show deference for each other the wife is subordinate to the husband.

Hindu Dharma It mean duty morality and righteousness, The caste system is a strong social class, you are born into caste there are 5 caste system which are Priest meaning spiritual leader and a counselor, Warrior gives protection of the society, Merchants is the producer and seller of goods, Peasants which handles manual labor and the untouchables which does he dirty work for the outcast’s

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