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Labor Standards Effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining All the Labor laws are strictly adhered to in BELL All Heads of BELL Units are required to submit a report about compliance with different laws BELL has various bi-parasite for a for workers, where the issues/problems concerning the workers are discussed and settled BELL has also an apex level bipartite forum wherein representatives of all Units of BELL, long with the Central Trade Union Organizations, to which the Unions are affiliated, are represented from the workers’ side and the Management is represented by Chairman and functional Directors along with the Heads of Units. Abolition of Child Labor and Discrimination The company does not employ forced and compulsory labor. As per Belle’s Recruitment Policy, the minimum age for the employment is 18 years No person below this age can be employed in BELL, thereby ensuring that child labor is not employed in BELL.

Eliminate discrimination in respect of employment and occupation There has been a uniform set of rules mentioned in the ‘The Personnel Policy of BELL, that equally applies to all employees, irrespective of factors such as sex, caste, religion, race etc. Environmental Responsibility To improve quality of ground water & preserving every drop of water, additional rain water harvesting systems were installed at all the plants & township of the Company. Several tree plantation drives were organized at plants/townships of the company located across the country Employees and surrounding communities are involved ND has brought the total number of trees planted so far up to 30 lakes. Conservation of natural resources, generation of energy from waste and efficient water management. Social Welfare BELL is involved in a host of community development programmer in various parts of the country.

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BELL has set up schools for mentally challenged children at its four major units These schools, run by BELL in association with members of BELL Ladies Club, cater to the special training required for these under privileged children. The first such school called ‘Rivalry’ was set up by the management in 1977 at its Tricky Plant with technical support from Christopher Blinded Mission of Germany A psychiatrist and psychologist attend to the needs of the children & speech therapists provide guidance to teachers and parent’s, periodically. Vocational Training & Skill Development 0 Vocation training like- -weaving door mat, -screen printing, tailoring, -electrical coil winding, -helps these students in integrating with the community. Enable them to make a living on their own, besides boosting their self confidence Adoption of Villages and Community Development In the area of rural development, BELL has been playing a proactive role and has adopted 56 villages all over the country in the vicinity of its major manufacturing plants 0 In these villages welfare activities like medical aid, provision of street lights, drinking water and infrastructure support to schools are undertaken regularly 0 It benefits over 80,000 people of these villages. Achievements BELL is a member of CORE (Corporate Roundtable on Development of Strategies for Environment) launched by The Energy Research Institute (TERM). Successfully munched products like-wind electric generators, -solar heating systems, -solar photovoltaic systems, -solar lanterns and -battery powered road vehicles. Minimized environmental impact of fossil energy products, by way of low-Knox oil/ gas burners, circulating fulfilled bed combustion boilers etc.

Environment Protection & Energy Conservation BELL has been awarded the ISO 14001 :2004 Environmental Management Systems Certification and SHOOS 18001 :2007 Under UNDO programmer for specialized services in the area of Environment, BELL has set up a Pollution Control Research Institute PICRIC). BELL also has a Model Centre for Occupational Health Services at Tricky, which is a pioneer in this field in India. Work in Environment monitoring, Toxicology, Ergonomics and in organization of OCHS to multitude of industries for different sectors in India. 0 Bell commissioned three ‘Stand-Alone’ Solar Photovoltaic (SSP) power plants in eastern India-Sunders. Belle’s efforts in harnessing renewable energy for the welfare of people living in remote parts of the country was admired by the President of India & West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority.

Indian’s largest Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant (50 Kip capacity) was commissioned – facilitating availability of uninterrupted & environment friendly power for various applications at the world-famous tourist island of Banger in Leaseholder Anti-corruption Measures prevent corruption, a host of transparency measures’ have been initiated company wide. 0 Training programmer, seminars / conferences & time to time Chief Vigilance Officer’s address to employees are a regular feature in the Company. 0 Main objective of the Company is to curb corruption by focusing more on the preventive ND educative aspects, rather than investigative / punitive.

National [International awards BELL received Environmental Conservation & Pollution Control Award from Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FOCI) One of its employee Mr.. R. C. Park was conferred the ‘National Award for Best Disabled Employee’ for the year 2005, for his overall outstanding performance in the face of all adversities. Recently, Belle’s international customer -Petroleum Development, Oman commended BELL for successful completion of 300 days without any Loss Time Injury (LIT) at their Garn Lam Power Station . Earlier For the same power station , company received five shields for achieving different milestones of performance in Health, Safety and Environment (HOSE) area without any LIT. The Way Forward BELL has taken up responsibilities of CARS across the board. This poses challenges too.

Maintenance of all the initiatives and focus on developing the existing schools, workshops, etc Reach more people in the surrounding areas Increase participation of the natives Spread awareness about existing programs and engage more people Look or newer opportunities to create a happy, healthy and sustainable environment. Future Plans Corporate trips to the rural development centers Help other organizations set up their CARS initiatives in villages where we are present Create a symbiotic relationship with the rural population Upgrading existing primary schools to secondary and higher secondary Advertise our initiatives to grab attention of the government and the urban population Search for Jobs for the people benefited by the Skill Development Programs Collaborate with the government agencies to provide more employment

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