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We all should be held accountable to make sure that we have our companies best interests at heart at all times. Staff Does the staff have a voice in procedure changes or modifications to their surroundings? Before any major changes are made in my comma NY they are tested and theories are made. They are tried several different ways until they are made perfect or at least thought to be made perfect. They however take different staff members and make these changes and see how they effect various areas of our company.

Some things that they try work better ND others do not work. By giving the staff a say and a part in these changes they have an opportunity to have better quality workers who feel a sense of loyalty that they may not have had elsewhere. Donors and Fund Raisers As a donor or a fund raiser for your organization will I be able to use it on a resume to further a career or for a tax break for charitable donation? Being a donor to a charitable organization or even a fundraiser for said organization looks very good to a possible employer.

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By being allowed to share your part n that company you are not only getting that companies name out there but you are setting the stage for a better opportunity and possibly a higher wage because of that experience. You can also get great tax breaks at the end of the year when you give to organizations. Clients/Customers Who is held accountable when grievances are filed and how is punishment dealt for mistreatment of clients? By asking this question you put forth the standard that your clients are important to you. If a client or customer knows you care about them they will always return to you and send their rinds and family to you.

As a customer maniac I have a very close contact with most everyone that comes through my store in a 12 hour span. By dealing with grievances as they come up you are showing them that you care about them and will do what it takes to make it right. Volunteers Are there any programs in place to turn a volunteer into the staff for outstanding behavior and work ethic? You can never find enough good people willing to work hard for you. By putting this program into place and allowing a volunteer a chance to become a permanent employee you are eliding great employees that will be with you for many years to come.

There is great benefits in a person willing to work for free because they love what they do. Society How do we deal with negative feedback from society? Is there an action plan in place to guard against any bad media or feedback? As an organization we will be hit with negative at some point in time. Even though we may try we can not always please everyone therefore it is very important to have a plan of action in place to deal with the back lash of negative feedback or publicity.

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