Ethics And Entertainmentassignment Assignment

Ethics And Entertainmentassignment Assignment Words: 263

Artistic Freedom, Commercial Demands, and Ethical Responsibility Resources: Case Study 75: “The Voice of America” in Media Ethics; Chi. 17 of Media Ethics; and “Popular Culture: Rage, Rights, and Responsibility’ video located on the student website. Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper that addresses the following: Explain what arguments entertainers and their supporters use to justify the use of questionable content. Evaluate the moral, artistic, and commercial underpinnings of those arguments. Explain what types of content should be ensured.

List the criteria that would, from your ethical perspective, be appropriate for limiting access to content. Explain why these criteria are ethically appropriate. Explain who should be responsible for censoring content and why. Cite at least two references. Format your paper consistent with PAP guidelines. Resources: Chi. 14 & 17 of Media Ethics; Case Study 74: ‘”Video Game Rage” in Media Ethics; “Popular Culture: Rage, Rights, and Responsibility’ video located on the student website. Select a popular video game that has been the target of censorship.

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Write a 1 ,050- to 1,750-word paper that analyzes the arguments for and against the censorship of the video game you selected. Include the following: Describe the concept and game-play of the video game. Identify the main arguments for and against censoring the video game. Explain the artistic, commercial, and ethical considerations behind each argument. Explain whether the video game should be censored or not censored and on what grounds. Explain who is responsible for censorship or, if the video game should not be censored, who is responsible for the potential effect of the content.

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