Emerging business ethics issue Assignment

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First of all from my view, having an affair with coworker or superior is not illegal. Because we can’t outlaw love. Attraction will spontaneous and inevitable regardless what rules employers set in place. But ethically, it has opposed “employee ethics code” of the company. In this case, their action of having relationship is unethical. About Curtis actions to Jackie is completely illegal and unethical.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical induct of sexual natural constitute when the unwelcome conduct unreasonably interferes within individuals work performance or creates a hostile work environment. Curtis has been doing repeatedly below unwelcome actions which is considered sexual harassment: Sexual pranks, repeated sexual teasing, Jokes Verbal abuse of a sexual nature Repeatedly asking to socialize during off-duty hours when Jackie has said no or has indicated she is not interested Off-duty, unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that affects the work environment.

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On the other hand, the company itself should take mom steps to avoid sexual misconduct or harassment such as introduce the “employee ethics code” to new employees or train them. If she had known the reality of the code of ethics at SAD, the situation might be different now. In case study “She knew that each company had its own individual code of ethics”. So why this record company didn’t introduce and explain the code to the new employers? I think, Leslie also didn’t know about the code at first. If the legal department employee doesn’t know about it, how can normal new singer could know about their inside ethics?

Leslie said it could be mutual or consensual called dual relationship issue. However they had been in relationship, but now it has ended. The sexual harassment started after they broke up. We should into the situation separately. No: 2. In my opinion, she should continue fight for her own rights. No matter they had relationship before, that doesn’t mean the other part can sexually harass her in work place or in her life. If the company can’t take action into this matter she should go to The Office of Civil Rights. Also she should provide evidence such as record their phone conversation or make video when he comes to her office.

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