Discrimination (Business Ethics) Assignment

Discrimination (Business Ethics) Assignment Words: 310

Being discriminated is wrong, and especially where there are A lot of people with different race, country, color, cast. In U. S. A a lot of people from different countries, Even though this is free county but still there is racial Discrimination going around everywhere. Furthermore, I was working in the pharmacy company; there so Many people with different race were working. One time there were two people talking one was white and other was Indian. And the manager was white person. She told the Indian girl Not to talk with anyone and just work.

She gave warning to that girl. That time the Indian girl didn’t say anything. But afterwards that happened second time and she told the Manager’s boss. And he asked for all the clarification. He Was so nice that he said sorry to the girl and make the Manager also say sorry to her, and he fired the manager. Actually the Indian girl didn’t meant to get someone’s job in Trouble, but if she wouldn’t say anything then she must’ve loosed her job. And that girl was the only one working in the family since she recently came from India. That time she always asks me to help her.

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So I always tried to help her in Whatever she needs. In the case #1, if I was on Mary’s spot. I would’ve go on to The union, if there is no union then I would’ve told this To my manager, and also to the senior vice president boss. I mean the President. And I know he would’ve taken everything in my Favor, because it was matter of harassment. In case # 2, if I was on their spot, I would not do anything that’s unethical, because its matter of prestige and also its matter of other peoples lives which is also Connected with those money.

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