Communication Ethics in the Media Assignment

Communication Ethics in the Media Assignment Words: 325

Watch television for one evening and observe the number of ethical dilemmas related to communication that people and characters confront. Note their response to each dilemma. How many people/ characters make choices that you consider ethical? How many do you not? What Justifications or reasons do people/characters give for their choices? What consequences, If any, are portrayed? What conclusions can you draw about the portrayal of communication ethic on television?

Which of your identities are shared y a majority of people in society? What are some stereotypes of those identities? To answer this question, you may need to ask people who do not share that identity. Examining Stereotypes. For each of the words below, discuss your beliefs about the group represented. Provide specific characteristics you believe are typically displayed by members of the groups: fraternity members, politicians, models, rap stars, body builders, and religious leaders. What information and perceptions helped shape your stereotype?

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How valid do you think your stereotypes are? Why? For each scenario, write a paragraph describing a typical communication exchange. For each, think about the various elements of verbal communication: sound, grammar, meaning (word choice), conversational rules, and contextual rules. An Informal family outing a meeting with you advisor a bar/restaurant where you are trying to impress potential partners a first date Make a list of people you consider to be your close friends. Explain your relationship with these people.

Then, for each person you have listed (you must list at least three), identify ways that you are culturally similar to and different from you. Now answer, do people generally have more friends who are culturally similar or different from themselves? What are some benefits of forming intercultural friendships? In what ways are intercultural friendships different or similar to friendship with people from the same cultures? What are some reasons people might have for not forming intercultural friendships?

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