Intercultural Communication Assignment

Intercultural Communication Assignment Words: 393

Who is who? What are your impressions of the different members of the team? In your opinion, what is going to happen? Do you think this is a winning team? Grant Douglas 2014-2015 Stumbling blocks in intercultural communication Language differences Assumptions of similarity Tendency to evaluate Preconceptions and stereotypes Non-verbal communication High anxiety Less effective communication, unsatisfactory relationships and generally ad business !

Tendancy to Evaluate ODIE Observe Describe I nterpret/identify Evaluate Kilsontcons ! (They are sooo stupid! ) Stereotypes and preconceptions The “mis” factor MIStrust MISperception MISevaluation Stereotypes and prejudices are an automatic response to the complex world over-charged with information in which we live. A cultural stereotype is the application of a generalisation to all the members of a cultural group; or the generalisation from simply a few members of the cultural group. MISinterpretation

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A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: WORKING SUCCESSFULLY ACROSS CULTURES Preconceptions and stereotypes Heaven is where : Hell is where : The police are…. The cooks… The mechanics….. The lovers….. And it’s all organised by the….. The police are British The cooks are French The mechanics are German The lovers are Italian And it’s all organised by the Swiss The police are The cooks are . The mechanics are The lovers are The police are German The cooks are British The mechanics are French The lovers are Swiss Italians National Stereotypes

Regional Stereotypes Stereotypes of others? Stereotypes of the French Mine… Yours… 2 Stereotypes and prejudices The French are romantic and sexy. The French live to eat: they are obsessed with eating and drinking. The French are knowledgable about wine. The French have a strange attitude to hygiene and personal cleanliness. The French don’t like to speak English/foreign languages The French are chic and fashionable. The French are aggressive drivers. The French are bad timekeepers. The French eat strange hings. The French are very chauvinistic. The French eat a lot of bread and cheese. Suggested TED Talk Generalizations A cultural generalization is the tendancy of the majority of people in a cultural group to hold certain values and beliefs and to follow certain patterns of behaviour. Stereotypes: Stereotypes are shared beliefs about the personal characteristics, generally personality types, but often also behaviour of a group of people: Blondes are… The Irish are… Americans are… What defines a sterotype is its consensual nature.

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