Code of Ethics for Pharmacist Assignment

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There is nothing as challenging as having close family members who are always on medication and thus needs constant care. Both of my grandparents have got diabetes and my dad as well. With this, there is no moment I can miss to be in contact with medicines. My sick family members require to be given constant medication advice to keep them healthy. Having pharmacist background has been my pleasure to help patients who need immediate medical attention like my family members.

As a pharmacist, I know I will be able to be accessible to the public more often and give them my medical advice. It is obvious that pharmacy has been voted as the most trusted profession in America. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for my family members who are sick to have one of there own taking care of them among the most trusted professions. Undergoing the pharmacy training gives an individual the ability to be not only a drug expert but also become a health care expert.

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This means that with the expertise, I will be able to start drug therapy and at the same time manage many other diseases. This can be done in either a hospital or in a community. I have a CPhT certification which I got after working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens Pharmacy for one year. This helped me a great deal to work as a senior certified pharmacy technician before going into independent pharmacy practicing. America is a country characterized by many immigrants of different backgrounds who both need same medical attention.

Therefore having been brought up in Ukraine (before migrating to US), am able to speak Russian and Ukrainian which will help me a lot to assist patients from such regions who are unable to speak English. All this is for the love of helping the sick and since I know the public has a lot of faith in pharmacists, I have to work hard to achieve my dreams of becoming a good trusted pharmacist. Work cited Why I Choose Pharmacy, retrieved on 7th July 2008 from http://www. rphlink. com/studenttemple1. html ———————– 1

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