Christianity vs. Aristotle Ethics Assignment

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In order to live a good life, you have to develop DOD habits and according to him become an ‘Ideal gentleman”. The three character types are virtuous, continent/enduring, Incontinent/soft, and villous/lengthen. The one to become an ;deal gentleman Is obviously virtuous because It Is to be morally good or the golden mean. Vicious would be the worst to be. Charlatanry Is a little different It Is more focused on faith, hope and love or the three theological virtues of faith. Christianity ethics Is plain and simple, you’re either a good person and make right decisions meaning being virtuous or you make bad decisions meaning vicious.

In the thirteenth century, Thomas Aquinas somewhat copied Plat’s theory on the Four Cardinal Virtues. Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence are the virtues. But later, Aquinas added three more; he added the three theological virtues, which are faith, hope and love (charity). Those became the Seven Virtues. But when there are virtues, there has to be vices. That is where the Seven Deadly Sins or Vices come about. Those are lust, gluttony, wrath, envy, greed, sloth, and pride, Christians believed that if you follow the seven virtues you will have a very good chance of going to heaven, better than if you followed the seven vices.

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Aristotle ethics focuses on virtues of character and good habits. His big term he uses is demoniac, which means happiness. Aristotle believed that if you lived the life of philosophy and contemplation than you would be a perfect gentleman and have great virtues. He also discussed some of the seven virtues. The two main ones he focused on were courage and temperance. He classified temperance as the golden mean or average. If you focus on courage and temperance, then you would be morally right. Fortitude is another word for courage, meaning having courage and strength in your faith.

Aristotle focuses on infanticide, humble service and reducing the poor. Infanticide Is the killing of infants. Aristotle wanted to reduce the number of population. A common quote by Aristotle is ” the cure for a vice Is to do the opposite vice temporarily. ” One of his theories he talked about was the Physical Addiction Theory. This Is for example a heroin addict does heroin for the first time and loved It, best feeling. But when he keeps using and abusing It, the feeling declines and declines until you are at a normal because the drug does not faze you anymore. And when you stop abusing It, you hit rock bottom and slowly decline.

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