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Business Ethics within Today’s Business See Yang University of Phoenix Business Ethics within Today’s Business Ethics are very important to all business people. Yet, many neglect ethics as an important part that plays a major impact upon a person’s success as a leader or advisor. Ethical dilemmas are faced everyday in the society. Which in today’s business world ethical issues like harassment, conflict of interest, and customer confidence issues does affects the community and organization. Business ethics is not something that naturally occurs within an organization.

It’s a culture that upper management and employees need to build from the ground up, which helps the company to tackle moral issues confronting the business. Therefore, business ethics examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problem that arise in a business environment, which applies to all aspect of business conduct and are relevant to the conduct of individuals and business organizations all together (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). However, business ethics creates professional attitudes and behaviors throughout the organization and the surrounding environment.

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In today’s business world, harassment is not taken lightly. Harassment or sexual harassment is sexual behavior toward another person with unwanted contact with the other person. Harassment is not when two people come together and kiss but when someone is making rude comments or trying to have sexual contact with another person without permission. Because harassment is a form of discrimination harassment is an ethical issue that stops workers from performing their duties due to miss treatment and unfairness (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). Another ethical issue is conflicts of interest.

Conflict of interest includes issues as bribes, influence and privileged information. For example, if an individual was working for a retail company and was also employed by another retail company at the same time would be consider a conflict of interest. Due to valuable information the individual holds about the company, therefore the company would expect the individual to quit or look for another job. Conflict of interest can also occur by holding a personal relationship with another co-worker and distributing irregular discounts to other vendors when the discount is meant just for the worker.

As a company, avoiding conflict of interest is the best way to go. Conflicts could cause loss of employment and corporation or law and federal charges. Customer confidence issues are another ethical issue. It includes topics such as confidentiality and truth in advertising. Confidentiality is basically the privacy of the customer. The privacy protects the customer’s personal information on sales and finance. As an employee, truth in advertising plays a huge role in customer service.

If an employee is promoting something and is not promoting the proper information, the company could lose a substantial amount of money depending on the situation. As well as losing customers and business. Customer confidence has a saying, “the customer is always right” (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). Most businesses use the saying to prevent tension between the corporation and the customer and provide customer satisfaction. Harassment, conflict of interest, and customer confidence issues are some of the business ethical issues, which are common in everyday business.

An individual can make a single decision that can have a negative or positive effect around his or her surroundings. Businesses make the choices through being honest or lying. However, it will determine what fate the business would fall in. A business who values work ethics would be a business valued by the customers. Reference Trevino, L. K. , & Nelson, K. A. (2007). Managing businessethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (4th ed). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved January 3, 2010,from ecampus. phoenix. edu

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