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Ethics is defined as the moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or conducting an activity that does so. Business ethics however, is the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues such as corporate governance, Insider trading and bribery. This type of ethics Is often guided by the law which does not make the two one In the same. Business ethics does not place the burden of ethics on the type of business It conducts rather than the Illegal activities that a person or corporation might become involved with.

Virtual Child Pornography is an example of this because it is a legal good, which might not be accepted by the public but does not present anything particularly criminal. If I am offered the job of CEO of a company that distributes Virtual Child Pornography, I will accept the job because of two main reasons. One, it is a legal business and does not violate any rules or regulations, and secondly because the business will generate profit and push the company ahead in the right direction in its market.

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A strategy that I found that could be Implemented that would work In favor of this kind of business Is short-run profit minimization. With this strategy, the company should look to seek short term minimization of profits even If It means there would be negative long term effects. These long term effects that would be dropped on the company would Include Judgment from the general public, loss of sales/business and even my own moral character. In the short term however, business would be as usual or even increase.

This could happen due to increased advertising and other marketing techniques that would generate more business and potentially attract new subscribers and viewers. Another reason to stay in this position as CEO is to push the company to the top of TTS market and competition and create a monopoly. There is reason to believe that there cannot be many companies that compete in the market of Virtual Child Pornography. Therefore, this makes it the perfect opportunity to try and boost the company over Its competition and corner the market so that It can control the market and Its prices/fees.

Also, this type of business meets the moral minimum. Since the business and good It promotes Is legal, one could argue that It Is meeting the moral minimum of the law because it means that the company is acting ethically. Since the many does not use real children for their business product, then the company does act ethically because they are not destroying the reputation and image of any specific child. Running this kind of business could have a greater effect on the community than most people believe.

The question is if Virtual Child Porn would help put a stop or at least a decrease in sexual child abuse. Studies from the university of Hawaii say that making Virtual Child Pornography accessible to repeat child sexual offenders gives them a substitute from sex crimes against a child. Results In the Czech Republic and China have seen that there have been no Increase In child crimes deemed sexual abuse since Virtual Child Pornography became legal. Even though these sexual predators should be put somewhere secure, It Is better knowing that they have an in danger.

Some would argue that Virtual Child Pornography encourages pedophilia to engage in illegal sexual behavior towards minors, but as it seems, this argument is not valid because the mere tendency of speech does not make it sufficient to ban the law. If people want to remove Virtual Child Pornography from the internet, then they eight as well take off all kinds of pornography off the web as well because it all has the same effect. All types of pornography promote the same thing.

They depict specific races and genders that place Judgment on those specific people and make them visible/accessible and known to the world. Virtual Child Pornography does not use/require a real child which makes it more discrete than general pornography. With that being said, I can truly say that I would be not be content with taking this offer as CEO for this particular company. I will be honest and say that while I agree hat Virtual Child Pornography is indeed legal and ethical, for that matter, it is not something that I want to pursue because it is not something that I believe in or to be right.

I fear that my character would get Judged in a negative way where I would not be able to make a good impression with other companies and top executives. This is true because no matter how I feel about the subject, others might not take kindly to the kind of business I take part in and therefore draw a wrong impression. The purpose of business is said to maximize profits for its shareholders and to meet the demands of the consumer. I personally believe that the purpose of business should be to contribute to society and that business in a way that one believes is right.

I do not dispute the legality and ethicalness of the Virtual Child Pornography business, but it is something that I cannot put my heart into. Also, I think that it would be difficult to recruit workers who would find the type of the work the business conducts acceptable. Lastly, I would wonder if there truly was a chance to make an acceptable profit from this type of business. I can bet that if 100 people were asked if they use Virtual Child Pornography, maybe one or two people would say they do. It does not seem like a business that will survive in the long run given its reputation and lack of popularity.

Usually companies who make ethical decisions are more profitable than those who don’t. Business directors are required to owe a set of duties to their shareholders for their stake in the company. Even if those duties may require something that someone believes is unethical, it could be argued that the director should go on with that action because it would be good work ethic of the director to carry on his responsibility to fulfill those duties. That being said, ethics do play a argue role in business as it demonstrates what kind of worker you are.

Good work ethics are highly recognized and can improve the work environment around you. Business ethics do not only apply to the company and how they interact with the world, but also translate to how they interact and deal one on one with a single customer. A business that behaves ethically induces other businesses to behave ethically as well, and in return receives loyalty, trust and positive results. Therefore, all businesses should act in an ethical manner because other companies respond to a good work ethic and moral code.

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