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The importance of having an ethical culture in organizations cannot be underestimated” (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 37, 2011). Employees in organizations with a eek ethical culture reported a much higher level of observing at least one type of misconduct (theft, lying, etc)” (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 37, 2011 Organizations must have ethical standards in place to have a balance; because each person has a signature characteristic of ethics. A strong ethical culture should be the focus of every organization; no matter what your efforts to create a healthy and strong ethical environment, people will respond differently. “In this situation, there was so much more at stake than just right or wrong” (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 63, 2011). In this case Valerie knows what Mr.. Waters, has done is wrong ethically, but she is not willing to sacrifice all that she hopes to achieves. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. Organizational culture reflects the shared and learned values, beliefs and attitudes of its members; actually its the personality of the organization” (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 49, 2011). In many situations people tend to choose work environments that foster much of there same morals and values.

Generally employees within an organization tend to behave ethically ND follow policies and procedures that outline their ethical culture; to avoid making the wrong decisions that could cause them their future. Believe that having policies and procedures in place can impact ethics positively. “Ethics are making a comeback. To begin with, more and more corporations and businessmen and woman are now realizing that ethics aren’t checked at the door when entering the workplace. Ethics have every bit as much a place in the public as they do the private” (Curry, 201 1). Discuss the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing.

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Valerie is faced with the ethical dilemma of being honest and exposing Mr.. Waters for receiving lucrative incentives from two of the fragrance companies, “commissions and fees totaling almost $35,000. 00 per month , this is the reason Wesson stopped working with other companies- they probably refused to pay Waters’ kickbacks”, (Helloing & Slouch, page 563, 201 1). The “ethics competency includes the knowledge, skills, and abilities to incorporate values and principles that distinguish right from wrong when making decisions and choosing behaviors” ( Helloing & Slouch, g. 0, 201 1). “Ethics are the values and principles that distinguish right from wrong”, (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 10, 201 1). “Ethical dilemma occurs when a decision must be made that involves multiple values” (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 10, 2011). Valerie is also what I call “fence straddled”, saying you are for what’s ethically right, but in an effort to get what you want, it’s k that you not tell and she believes it’s perfectly fine to be this way if going to help you in the long run. I believe that when you stand for what’s right; then all things will work accordingly.

Valerie isn’t absolutely certain if this is actually what happen; therefore she not confident if she should expose her findings. Waters has the small business going and if this is true there would be a lot of people that would suffer; is brought these accusations to the public, “after all he is the person in charge of the department and if he is gone, the already small team might not survive either’, (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 563, 2011) the risk of others losing their jobs is another dilemma Valerie is faced with. In this situation, there was so much more at stake than just right or wrong, the decision she had to make would influence other people’s lives as well as her own” (Helloing ; Slouch, pig. 563, 2011). In the case it informs us that Valerie was working in the United States, using a unique working permit and she was recently enrolled into the Master of Science program at the University of Chicago; that Wesson was fitting the bill for the tuition cost. Valerie was excited about all her many goals were finally becoming a reality, but her new discoveries would end this all for her.

Valerie as fully aware of Water’s disregard of being ethical in business and towards employee, “instead of being a leader who would help activate ethics mindfulness in others, he Was the polar opposite” (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 563, 2011). Although much of the other colleagues were also aware that Waters had no contribution to the work level or to moral within the office and the misuse of company monies was a disgrace ” launch events went overboard with extravagances and expenses; on one occasion, just to show off his horseback riding talent, he rented an entire stable outside Chicago for en hour- the cost: $25,000. 0- and he expensed it to the company’ (Helloing ; Slouch, pig. 563, 2011), now she is troubled with the new information of his misleading behavior. Recommend what Valerie should do. Provide a detailed explanation. My recommendation for Valerie is to weigh her options based on how many people will adversely be affected by her new discoveries. “It was clear that she was unable to report this before she had another job or even before she graduated from the M. S. Program which was her ultimate short term AOL” (Helloing ; Slouch, pig 564, 2011).

Valerie was working under a special work permit; because she didn’t have a green card; which would only allow her limited time to find new employment, “workers with Valise’s type of visa have only 30 days to find a new job in the event they lose theirs; otherwise, they are required to leave the country’ (Helloing & Slouch, pig. 564, 2011). In conclusion for Valerie my final recommendation would be, not to say anything about what she knew; unless she was willing to be the sacrificial victim for the good ethics foundation.

Valerie was not the only person that would stand to lose significantly, but her co-workers that were now her friends. Valerie would benefit tremendously by integrating ethics training within the workplace; which would be valuable to the employees and their customers. “Above all, a high level of ethics in your business should be in place at least for the customers. If anything, it is the customer that should be considered the most when it comes to ethical business practices. In the long run, a company will reap great profits from a customer base that feels it is Ewing treated fairly and truthfully’ (Curry, 2011).

I would suggest that she gain more concrete evidence, master her skills and accomplish obtaining her degree at the company’s expense. When the perfect opportunity presents itself and it will; that’s when she can come forth publicly with her information.

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