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Ethics of a company will help determine employee’s morale around the office and high office morale is vital to a company. A compass ethics are usually stated on their code of conduct or on their code of ethics. These documents arena readily available at PVC Murmur Inc. Which is the company that I work for. PVC Murmur Inc. Has an Employee Handbook that goes over standard operating practices but has no document that gives their ethical values. Not having a code of ethics or a code of conduct statement shows PVC Murmurs ethical values.

I am going to discuss what PVC Murmur’s ethical values are and discuss the positives and the negatives of those ethical values. Google had their code of conduct online so I will be discussing that code of conduct and the differences of two companies. Employee Handbooks vary for every company but they mainly pertain with the company rules/policies, state regulations, federal regulations, and employee benefits. All of this information is in PVC Murmurs Handbook along with a welcome statement from the owner and acknowledgment of receipt statement.

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This Handbook was made y PVC Murmur as they have Consequence based ethic system. All of the topics discussed in the Handbook are to prevent hurtful consequences to the company. The reason why PVC Murmur makes decisions with the consequence based ethic system is due to the fact that they would like to keep the company in business. PVC Murmur could still have a code of ethics but doesn’t seem to be something they have thought of or may not be a priority to PVC Murmur. Ask the CEO is a process that PVC Murmur has available.

I put In a question to the CEO asking what he thought of creating a ode of ethics document and posting it on the website. Company rules are the first section under the PVC Murmur Employee Handbook. The following company rules are discussed in the Employee Handbook: telephone use, technology use, personal mail, safeguarding company resources and equipment, overtime, outside employment, dress code, and attendance. Section In the Employee Handbook that go over telephone use, technology use, personal mall, safeguarding company resources and equipment, and overtime were determined In the companies best interest of saving money.

These decisions were made as making a profit and peeping that profit through lower operational costs Is major concern for PVC Murmur. The company may not be able to stay in business if the operational costs are high and eat away at the profits. Since the company is concerned with profit which well know throughout the company It Influences the decisions of everyone In the company. Employees assign work to vendors that aren’t qualified to complete the work, because those vendors are cheaper.

Which is the opposite of a statement found on the PVC Murmur website “Customers are loyal because quality is in every tepee of our operation, from the selection of our vendors, to your dedicated customer service team, to the internal expertise of our licensed and certified review appraisers. ” (“PVC Murmur”, 2012). Managers don’t allow employees to stay for overtime, which often times makes our work late to the client. Managers and PVC Murmur’s rule on outside employment is it is k as long as it doesn’t affect work being completed at PVC Murmur. Dress code at PVC Murmur has changed recently as before it was business casual every day.

The reason it was business casual is due to he fact that PVC Murmur had clients that would visit the company. Now PVC Murmur has casual day every Friday and casual week on the last week of every month. This is due to the fact that customers don’t visit PVC Murmur’s facility. Attendance rules at PVC Murmur are fairly simple as you have a seven minute grace period to clock in before you are considered tardy. Employee’s will receive a written warning when they receive five tardy on a rolling six month time frame and may face termination on further tardy within that time frame.

Rules for PVC Murmur on outside employment, Reese code, and attendance are based on what are the consequences to the company. Employees often times where clothing that is against company policy as it doesn’t affect the work being completed for PVC Murmur. Managers don’t warn or write the employees for dress code violations as it doesn’t affect the work being completed. Manager warn and write up employees that a tardy as the employee’s tardiness affects the amount of work that can be completed.

State regulation and federal regulation must to be given to every employee that works for PVC Murmur. It would be illegal for a company of this size not to give all of Tate and federal regulation that the company falls under. These regulations don’t say much about the company’s ethics besides the fact that they are following the law. Following the law states that PVC Murmur is afraid of the consequences it may face if state and federal regulations are not followed. Employee benefits that don’t fall under state and federal regulations reflect on a company’s ethics. 01 k, medical, vision, and dental insurance, Jury duty pay, travel expenses, bereavement, monthly employee appreciation, monthly awards, yearly awards, and the employee assistance aerogram are all benefits PVC Murmur provides to full time and part time employees. PVC Murmur made the decisions on these benefits based on an entitlement based ethical system as they felt the employees were entitled to these benefits. The CEO gives out an award monthly, that award goes to the employee with top performance for that month. Some companies this may go unnoticed buy PVC Murmur gives out an award and a chase prize to that employee.

Employee’s and manager’s vote on who had the top performance and is entitled to the monthly award. Google Inch. Ad a code of conduct and their slogan is “Don’t be evil” (“Code Of Conduct”, 2013). “Don’t be evil” stands for due what is ethically right for the customer. This is a great ethical code due to the fact that if you do what is right for the customer then they will always be satisfied. If a customer is satisfied with the work then you won’t have to worry about them taking their business somewhere else. Henry Ford best described this when he said “A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits.

They will be embarrassingly large. “. The code of conducts is based off of Google using a rights based ethic system. Google is about doing what is honest and fair to their customers. Also they maintain their Google system. If PVC Murmur would adopt the code of conduct that Google has it would benefit PVC Murmur tremendously. PVC Murmur like Google is a company that provides a service to customers as PVC Murmur is a company that manages the appraisal process. Appraisal is vitally important as most banks won’t approve a loan for a borrower without an appraisal.

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