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The Inside Man The film depicts a gang of robbers broke into a bank and seized customers as hostages, and threatened the police. “l have planned a perfect bank robbery”, the head of the gang said, this is a battle of wits, not a battle of force . Sure enough, the police have not used the “SWAT”, “lone hero” insist forcing, but got a hostage negotiation experts attempt to rely on rhetoric subdued. However, this did not work.

Looks Like the robbers who rob the bank when they faced the enormous money did nothing, Just very careful to handle the hostages. And think about other things. At the end of the film, the negotiation failed, and eventually solve the problem by force, the original goal of the robbers is the bank boss who tried to hide some ugly secrets. The robbers finally run away because they wore the same uniforms as the hostages. The head told the audience the whole story and why he want to rob the bank but without taking any money.

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Why this movie called ” The Inside Man”? My understanding is that the film’s Inside man means hiding insider manipulation, the unspoken rules, internal set of rules but the external Is another set of so called Inside man. And its centralized performance as the banker,Miss White, Mayor trio. These people regard themselves as elites, since they control the operations of the society and hold the behind-the-scenes resources. But the civilians who are ignorant outsiders.

Miss White can deal lots of issues by the relationship, even helped Osama bin Alden’s nephew to buy a house; The banker believes that he can rely on money to solve problems, Including doing charity to seek forgiveness of himself. He even thinks that he can meet the robbers’ requirement of an airplane; Obviously the Mayor has some problems known by White,so he put pressure on detective Keith to et White deal with this case. These people are the insiders, they think that they can be arbitrarily trampled on the ideal of the little people and they can walk on the edge of the law.

But how about the final result? These so-called “insiders” were fooled by the “nobody’! All of the ugly secrets of the banker were revealed by robber Dalton , he also caught by the police; At first,While looked Dalton down ,she speaks very strong and feels capable of anything even she faces to the mayor and banker. Finally, she can say nothing at all when she face the evidence given by Dalton. So the film ladled “The inside Man” to laugh at those “elites”.

Four of the main characters,Donation Russell, Detective Keith Frazier, Madeleine White,and Arthur Case ,both of them related to each other, but also against each other, everyone is driven by Its own interests, which created the story with the bank robbery, gather wealth, cases detected, destroy the evidence. Dalton Russell, a bank robber. Russell is kind, although he has almost 40 hostages, but he did not kill and abuse them-He did not steal any money. He even taught a child not to play violent games.

That shows he has social responsibility. That is an ethical or theory that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. From start to end, Russell is very calm, even if he holds toy guns. The purpose of Russell of his life. He left a diamond ring as evidence to Detective Frazier. According to “Kantian Ethics”, the only thing that is, or can be, good without qualification is good will. Kant feels that we should do the right thing for the right reasons.

Russell rob the bank for revealing the banker’s crime, he believe what he did is right and good. Detective Frazier, a good policeman, he is brave,upright,and responsible. He is not afraid of dealing with the robber alone Just want to save those hostages. He is the bright side of the movie. He also is the model of “Social Responsibility” and “Virtue Ethics”, which applies ethical decision making in a manner that is congruent with those values and virtues you hold as important.

Also he fits the “Justice ethical principle”which states that ethical theories should prescribe actions that are fair to those involved. This means that ethical decisions should be consistent with the ethical theory unless extenuating circumstances that can be Justified exist in the case Madeleine White, a smart and charming lady who try to save the banker and ask for high rewards. Frankly, she works for money so she does not care the case is moral or not.

She fits the “Act- and -Rule- Utilitarianism” Utilitarianism is a theory in normative ethics holding that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes utility, specifically defined as maximizing happiness and reducing suffering. But she lost her social responsibility in the case. Arthur Case, the banker, during World War II he used his powers in collusion with the Nazis to gather a large amount of black heart of lath (including countless diamonds and rings), betrayed their own friends, him locked this never occurred in the history of wealth up in a safe under a bank.

He spent half a century’s time to hide and wash away the sins committed during World War II, can be forgiven this? His gray hair, from his conscience has tormented him for many years. But history can not be modified. He is an example of “Utilitarianism” because he Just want earn a lot of money but does not care if it’s right or not. Also he can give everything even a airplane as long as can can cover his sin . From that point, e fits “Consequentiality” .

Consequentiality is the class of normative ethical theories holding that the consequences of one’s conduct are the ultimate basis for any Judgment about the rightness of that conduct. With the mystery opened, the entire event was to overturn. Justice and evil, repentance and self salvation self and social responsibility gradually revealed at the end of the whole black movie. Warm and cold, this is the world we live. If a person has betrayed his soul to do some evil things, no matter how you want to escape a sinful past, it will finally catch you up one day. That’s the truth.

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