Business Ethics and Starbucks Assignment

Business Ethics and Starbucks Assignment Words: 436

As long as Cataracts can continue to gain trust in he customers, it will allow them to have a strong bond with them also. 2. I feel that Cataracts has been concerned with social responsibility in its overall corporate strategy because for one reason it is a popular business and it helps the image of the company to care about the community and the Other reasons Cataracts were so concerned was because Of the negative impact on the company.

Cataracts has always been engaged in responsible business practice since they first started their operation and they have always spent a lot of time defending their image as well . Several small coffee shops were put out of business u to the clustering strategy. Cataracts decided to refocus their strategy after the 2009-2009 Several locations were closed because of the lack of performance due to the economic depression. Because of Cataracts dedication to their employees and suppliers, they were able to earn their loyalty.

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However Cataracts were also concerned with social responsibility because it affected all parties involved. The company did achieve social responsibility by taking Steps to follow certain guidelines and being involved in the community, which is very important to the company since ethical companies tend to do better in the long run. 3. I think Cataracts has both grown rapidly and mainly because it does provide products and an environment that customers want. Most people don’t know anything about the ethical and social responsibility that Cataracts engage in unless they research their websites.

I feel that Cataracts success was due to its strong brand image that had been built over the years. Consumers purchased these products from Cataracts because of the good taste. However people were concerned about being ethical and social responsible when running a business, especially when consumers wanted to enjoy what they were consuming without having to worry about how the rodents are labored??m m. This company also grew large due to several charity campaigns; such as the partnership between Cataracts and the project Red to raise money for different events.

By being a large buyer of Fair Trade certified coffee, in spite of the high cost, they continued to grow as the purpose of fair trades that promotes a better working condition and greater incentives for the manufacturers–??????-. Cataracts does not only offer quality coffee to its customers, they also have a great atmosphere of the coffee shop. They have given back to the community and earned their trust as well as respect from their customers.

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