Business code of ethics socially responsible practices Assignment

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A written set of guidelines issued by an organization to Its workers and management to help them conduct their actions In accordance with Its primary values and ethical standards. Both businesses and trade organizations typically have some sort of code of ethics that Its employees or members are supposed to follow. Breaking the code of ethics can result In termination or dismissal from the organization.

A code of ethics Is Important because It clearly Lies out the rules” for behavior and provides a pre-emotive warning. Socially Responsible Practices This Includes programmer and systems that a company can put In place to Increase the safety and well-being of Individuals. Businesses can seek to establish systems to guarantee that human rights are upheld within the supplier network and to help improve the livelihood and welfare of its suppliers.

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In addition, businesses can also improve the lives of employees by ensuring workplace safety, dealing with work-life lance issues. Organizations can put socially responsible practices in place to improve customer safety and to educate consumers on how to use the products safely Socially responsible practices affect business practices in various ways. For instance; 1 .

Suppliers Socially responsible practices ensure that suppliers: – do not use sweatshops, child and forced labor such as prisoners; – pay their workers a living wage (that is above minimum wage). 2. Employees In addition to specific safety rules that employees must abide by, worker-focused socially responsible practices include: – policies for hiring and retaining women and minorities; -ways to employ disabled people into appropriate roles; – subsidizing gym memberships and meals in the workplace; – providing training and funding for education. 3.

Customers Socially responsible practices include: – special packaging to prevent products from being tampered with; – methods to educate consumers on proper storage, use and disposal of the product; – giving customers the ability to track the product to ensure authenticity, -providing contact details or a website for customers to talk to the company If they have any queries. 4 . Community Finally, a company can Invest In the community, In which It operates, to enhance relations. Companies can: sponsor events or sports teams wealth the community; donate to local charities: to be advocates of specific charities and events during paid work time.

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