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Song Of Solomon two significant minor characters BY Glossary In Toni Morrison book Song of Solomon, she Introduces characters that are significant in every situation then finds a way for them to help further develop the plot. The two characters that are the most interesting in the smallest way are First Corinthians and Empire State. These two are involved in very little dialogue and don’t appear often in the first three chapters. They aren’t faced with difficult challenges or help the main characters, which only questions of their existence.

This not only sakes them Important but Interesting while their characteristics are hard to read. First Corinthians, sister of Milkman and Magdalene Dead and daughter of Ruth and Macon Dead is kind of first introduced to us in the first chapter when the author says “The others, who knew that the house was more prison than palace, and that the Dodge Sedan was for Sunday drives only, felt sorry for Ruth Foster and her dry Daughters and called her son “deep. ” Reading this makes the author think – what Is wrong with the daughters? Is there something wrong with them or are they Just very observant and say very little?

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Corinthians isn’t really mentioned again until chapter 2 where we get to see her interact with her family. During the car ride the author shows us through dialogue and other suggestive actions that Corinthians might not really like her family. “And that lawyer- what’s his name? ” Ruth looked around at Corinthians, who Ignored her. Why would Corinthians Ignore her mother? Did her mother do something wrong to her? In this chapter I think the author is trying to tell us that Corinthians does not really like her mother but likes her father or maybe she does not really like her father Just fears him enough to respect him.

This is shown when Toni Morrison writes ” She owns that place, Corinthians,” Ruth said. ” I don’t care what she owns. I care about what she is. Daddy? ” Corinthians leaned toward her father for confirmation. In that little scene one might say Corinthians Is halting at something but what? During the rest of the car ride Corinthians only tries to make conversation with her father. Empire State Is a very minute character in the first three chapters of the book. Even though he says nothing he comes as one who keeps to himself and could be hiding something. He’s presented somewhat like a criminal.

He is first introduced to us when Milkman goes looking for Guitar. Toni Morrison says “All but Empire State, who stood, broom In hand and drop-lipped, with the expression of a very Intelligent ten- year-old. ” Why does he not argue about the topic with the others? Is it that he does not care? Maybe it’s the fact that he is taking in everything that everyone is saying and using to decide what his next move is. He might be a criminal but nobody would ever guess that because he keeps to himself and acts like he’s mute. Way that would makes them seem quite influential.

We can use the dialogue and behavior of the characters to infer that they play a big role in the plot and might actually help the main character out in the end. Corinthians seems like she knows something nobody else knows, her tone is as if she is trying to tell us something. The way Toni Morrison presents her tells us that Milkman is going to need to find out something, something that could help him move on in the story. Empire State is someone that might be hiding who he really is or hiding something very important that could help Milkman sort out his thoughts about his family and the town in general.

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