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Since we know that sound is in fact a wave traveling through particles and that space is a vacuum (absence of any matter) we can include that there is no sound In space. 3. The rhetorical triangle Is a system that explains what Is being told, who It Is being told to, and by whom. It is helpful to determine how exactly one should edit their text considering the factors of the presentation. The parts of the triangle include the text or message being given, the reader of the message, and the writer of the message. 4. A. Go see the Statue of Liberty. Declarative B.

If you were to climb to the top of the statue, then you could share In the breathtaking feeling experienced by many hopeful Immigrants. Conditional C. For over a century, it has greeted immigrants and visitors to America. Imperative D. Did you know the Statue of Liberty is made of copper and stands over 150 feet tall? Interrogative E. The Statue of Liberty is amazing! Exclamatory 5. Satire Is literary work where vices, follies, stupidities are ridiculed and mocked. Some Important elements to Include In a satirical piece of text Include Irony, hyperbole, wit. And humor. 6. A.

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You are so stupid your argument couldn’t possibly be true. Ad Hominid B. You owe me big time because I really stuck my neck out for you. Begging the Question C. I m a good worker because Frank says so. Erroneous Appeal to Authority D. L know I forgot to deposit the check Into the bank yesterday, But, nothing I do pleases you. Post Hoc E. Minds, like rivers, can be broad. The broader the river, the shallower It Is. Therefore, the broader the mind, the shallower it is. False Analogy F. Red Herring: You should feel sorry for me because last week my dog died because a truck hit her. 0% of dog deaths are due to automobile accidents; this is due to reckless driving that alcohol causes. Alcohol should be banned in all states. Slippery Slope: If you don’t o your homework now, you will become bored, you’ll end up wandering the streets which will made you do drugs. After that you’ll go to Jail. So If you don’t do your 7. The Toolkit Model of argument is a model that analyses moral reasoning. It is helpful in situations where one if faced with a moral dilemma like whether one should kill 10 bunnies or rob a store. It looks like: 3.

Analogy: Used to compare two unlike things Argument: Used to present the author’s views over the opposing views Persuasion: Used to change the reader’s opinions Cause-and-Effect: Used to show the results of certain actions Description: Used to illustrate a scene or item Narration: Used to describe a scenario through dialogue Illustration: Used to paint an image in the reader’s head Mood: Used to convey the author’s attitude Compare-and-contrast: Used to show the differences between two things Definition: Used to give an exact meaning to a word or scenario Allusion: Used to create a false reality Climax: Used to signify the most important part of a story Deduction: Used to show the reader to a solution Diction: Used to convey a certain mood or attitude Irony: Used to show the stupidity in a situation 3. A.

A recent trend in law enforcement known as “community policing” shows much promise in deterring criminal activity. This is the most effective thesis because it delivers the view point in a clear way that leaves nothing of the author’s opinion to the reader’s imagination. It contains no diction that the reader might find challenging 3. Because air pollution is of serious concern to people in the world today, many countries have implemented a variety of plans to begin solving the problem. This is the most effective thesis because it fully explains the situation in which the thesis is given. It also leaves nothing to be changed, the thesis isn’t conditional. C.

The Sex Pistols could not have succeeded without singer and lyricist Johnny Rotten, who the group’s young English audiences. This is the best thesis because it clearly states the points in which the author will be focusing upon. It also is clear to whom is focuses to. 10. The puritan philosophy is that one must suffer through life by constant hard Nor, unending devotion towards their wrathful deity, and if they ever make a mistake and sin Just once then they will be sent to an eternal hell in the afterlife and be excommunicated from their church. 1 . The literature from this philosophy would look like a devotion to this god of theirs. It would honor him while being very clean in every way.

There would be no swearing or explicit information in any form. 12. The transcendentalists’ philosophy is that there is goodness in humans and nature and that society and its institutions, especially organized religion and political parties ultimately corrupted the purity of the individual. 13. Literature from this philosophy would emphasize the goodness of the human being and how society is ultimately trying to make everyone a mindless drone through universal brainwashing. It would be educational and yet very sadistic. 14. A. Speaker Occasion Audience Purpose Subject Tone 3. Overview Parts Title Interrelationships Conclusion C. Title Paraphrase Connotation/denotation Attitude Shift Theme Title 15.

The three different ways to annotate a text are annotation, dialectical Journal, and graphic organizer. Annotation is where you go through the text, marking it up by pointing out strategies the author used and why they used them. Dialectical Journal is where you go through the text and in a chart write down a quote from the text, its page/line number and a response to this quote. Graphic Organizer is where you pull out a quote from the text, paraphrase or summarize it, pull out a rhetoric strategy or style element, and state its effect or function. I prefer Dialectical Journal because it is the most simple to use, you don’t have to find the absolutely perfect quote that has hidden meaning and a rhetoric strategy.

Yet at the same time I obtain the most from it because I can still devise what exactly the author is attempting to say. 16. Passive voice sentences contain a hidden meaning underneath what is being stated that the reader has to discover for themselves while an active voice sentence latently states its meaning, leaving nothing to the imagination of the reader. 17. A. Wisped notes that the term riot girl “becomes an almost meaningless media catchphrase” that was rarely used by artists themselves (“Riot Girl”). This is the most correct in-text citation because since there is no author it leads the reader to the next easiest way to find the information, the name of the article. F Essay: Subtitle of Essay In the center oaf title page with Name Mr./Ms/Mrs. Teacher Name Class Name Due Date At the very bottom of the title page and Last Name Page # As a header on every other page of the paper 19. The two major themes from The Crucible are Authority and Integrity. Throughout the play the reader can never be sure about who is in control, who has the most authority. Abigail and her girls seem to have authority because they can send Nevermore they wish to the noose because of their false story of seeing the devil. The towns people seem to have authority because they accuse their own of being witches f one displeases another or if they could gain something of their death.

Yet the ledges also have authority because they ultimately choose the fate of the towns people, although they seem to be under the control of the girls. Another major theme from the play is integrity because that is what it comes down to in the end for everyone. If the girls were to have integrity then they would admit to dancing in the Nods and no one would die, yet since they give up their integrity many others have to die. If the towns people accused of being witches gave up their integrity and lied about being witches then they would be set free and be allowed to live. But their religion forbids them to lie, so the people must choose a longer mortal life or a possible blissful after life.

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