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This human resource management is concerned with the personnel managerial polices, system and practices which directly influence the work place . The strategic resources that function in an effective way and also help to add a value in an organization. It is designed for helping organization about the best need of employees to meet the organizational goals .

The function of strategic human resource only deals with the organization daily activities which affects the staffs about functional work like pay ,hiring ,training ,benefits firing and also the administration-it is also provide the employees with sick leave ,vacation days ,safety procedure while working and work incentives . This strategic human resource management also known as proactive management for the employees . It helps the organization to think for the future reference and all the planning about what should be done for the company or any organization which are under in the human resources management. T mostly concerned with the employees to help the organization to achieve the goal -Human resource management helps to improve the company daily activities by the help of the business sites of the particular company on the name of human resource resources hiring practices ,training to employees before joining the company and also alp to gives the new techniques when company will facing any kind of obstacles and also help to teach how to work in well discipline .

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Human resources management will help in the selection of good employees and also help to trained in well and effective way so that it help to increase the company productivity high level and decrease the labor cost . As large company can easily afford training and benefits to the employees whoever joined their company but it is little bit hard for the small companies . That doesn’t mean that a smaller company cannot link with strategic human resource management . Can be done through the on-site training approach and also they can learn by the senior member of the particular organization or the company by the coaching procedure or giving the one-on-one assessment about the how to perform the job that help to increase the performance level of the company. As we know that Strategic human resources management is mostly concerned about the employees development programmer like recruiting, mentoring and strong training to the employees which can help to staff to know the speedy of the company and the all the polices .

The strategic human resources is very important to both mall and large company to assist the job in the systematic way. The human resources management helps the company to perform their organizational activities in an effective With profit motive by producing the qualitative staff for the company. Training and Transfer: Training is the process of learning. In organizational view, training to the staffs help to achieve the goal and increase the productivity of the company.

People can learn new things or techniques, reinforce and re-learn the subsisting skills and knowledge, and also necessary have time to think so that they can considerably bring changes f performing the work in qualitative way at work place. An effective training that help to bring changes in the behaviors of the employees and also help to develop the skills of doing work which can make relevant to themselves in performing at the work after getting well trained. Moreover training help to delivers a systematically way of producing knowledge, behavior and skills which is necessary for performing or setting in real-life.

An evaluation of the training which was being guided by the objectives should help either the goals which was being set for the fourth were obtained. The transfer of training can e a key factor to the job which helps to evaluate the effectiveness of any kind of formal training system. According to the(Newsroom 1 986), transfer of training helps to develop the existing knowledge ,behavior and skills which are learned from the training applied at the work place and alternative source of learning during period of the job.

Generally speaking training transfer is the proof of evidence where learning is continuously applied for the setting of job that was intended. One of the most important things that the environment of the workplace also plays a vital role to ensure the training earners occurs . Training transfer is conducting different activities in the session of training before, during and after that help the employees to apply the skills whatever they learned during the training period in the relevant way and effective way to the work place .

Through the employees involvement of the external and internal training activity ,seminar, training session to helps the company to achieve goal which all are linked with the training transfer . The main aim of the training transfer is to increase the knowledge skills, and learning and thinking level of the staffs -it is based on the transfer of earning theory. Positive transfer, negative transfer, and zero transfer are the types Of transfer. Advantages Of Training Transfer: 1 ) Training for the employees might get relax from their daily stress from their work environment . T helps them to take away all the burden and frustration by learning the new things for some period of time? When they get the relaxed environment it might help them to gain more new knowledge and information because they will be away from the under pressure in the training session. 2) Training can be one of the main source to surplus the ewe techniques to perform the job, current information and business trend, knowledge and skills like they can know recent employment legislation and other organization law and policy.

They can achieve the knowledge about new software which is recently updated in the market and also different computerized techniques which help to perform the job efficiently and quickly back to the work. 3) When the employees is sent in the training session they will feel so good and valued as the responsible staffs of the company which can be help for the company after getting quality training when they back to workplace. Training session also can be the network for receiving information and help to make friendly with other companies employees when they will have opportunity to meet in the same training session or other com pansies seminars 5) Staffs can become more competent and more flexible at their job which can help them to increase the productivity by the motivated employees and also the benefit like after trained and transfer to the job waste can be reduced confident level will be high and also the less accident might occurs.

Disadvantages of training transfer: 1 ) For training session according to the course the total cost can be quite expensive. For instant during the training session the responsible company have to bear all the cost including all the expenditure made by the trainee. Like many course may need to stay outside the country or as per the length of the period of training they need to stay in hotel and all the expenditure made by the trainee can be more expensive due to the delivering the equipment and material for the course . ) When the training given to the employees may leave the job after well trained by the time when they achieved the knowledge and good skills for the better pay to other company hat can be the more risky for company about losing the trained staffs 3) There will be high in the financial cost of training 4) During the training period before the transfer is done the company will lose the work time and the company might get pressure to perform the daily activities.

Role and Importance of training transfer According to the (Aquinas and Krieger ) in 2009 said all the trainer perform their training procedure on the behalf of manger to bring the changes go trainees in the work place . Mom of the training Is done in the same work place and they can deliver all the good and services to the costumer by the mime of training session is done because the trainees is also the employees of the organization As we know that training can turn the an employees from dull to talent or good Besides this an employees without trained can bring problem to the company and it might hamper in production and sales because without trained employees they can reduce the production and sales. O that in order to achieve the goal the organization or the company must think the training procedures for the employees . Whatever the company invested in the training session can cover the training investment through he excellent performance of the employees after they are transferred in the work place The transfer of knowledge skill ,behavior ,ideas is the training transfer. In the succession planning the training transfer have played a great role . Succession planning help to make sure about the roles and key factor can filled by the well trained and qualified employees. Whatever they learned the skills they can apply in to the work place and can help the business to achieve the goal. When the employees is trained they can share and transfer the knowledge and skills whatever they achieved from the training to another colleagues about procedures . BY this company can get benefited from the trained and well experienced employees and also save the work time when they return to the work place.

To be a successful regarding the training solution the trainee should demonstrate themselves and improve the performance on the work All the investment which is done during the training session can recover by the performance of the employees and also through sales increase, less error by the employees and most important things is the customer satisfaction so the transfer of the knowledge through he training is most essential things to lead the companies in the successful path.

Literature Review of Training Transfer Transfer of training studies research provided a centralizing and an investigative review of factors forcing training of transfer. Appropriate empirical research finding for training of transfer over the human development management adult learning, management, training and performance is associated with the review.

The increased curiosity to the problem of training transfer in the present context became to give the result in the production and using of the outcomes of the literatures and research hat overcome in the industrialized countries of the western culture form modern workplace. It shows that the research on the strategies to give the modern techniques to the formal trainee is still not enough and limited. Training has been recognized as one of the most expensive investment. Different researchers has applied different theories of training transfer .

Among them Georges, 1982 said in USA is only 10% of total training expenses had led to positive training transfer . They are more dynamic and concerned about ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills to the work place . T was already known that whoever participate put them in the trail session it approached under the error and hard to manage transfer of training ,that became a so costly and consumed time and felt to deliver a good result . Because Of lack Of understanding principles Of underlying ,they might get obstacles to run by the outcomes of training transfer .

So that they need to depend on the best transfer theories, this only possible to get the good and best theory from withstand rigorous empirical that can give the good suggestion and valuable suggestion. Similarly , Baldwin and ford 88;and Ixia 1996 has defined training transfer is the application of skills ,behavior and knowledge which is that are gained form a training and consecutive maintenance of them during the time period . This definition illustrate about the training session of learning which gives the traditional meaning of training transfer .

Baldwin and ford, 1988, to understand the training of transfer which is essential and lastly came to know that the literature on transfer of training has less value to trainees about the minimization of positive transfer. Among the past work on the training of earners Baldwin and ford, 1986 and another None, 1986 have got attractive theory of transfer and their conceptual latter framework has succeed to attract most to the empirical studies of finding of work environment ,job attitudes and individual learning about how it affect the process of training transfer.

Recent studies shows the training transfer by the same Baldwin and ford 1 988 was being reviewed before 1987 the empirical studies of transfer Of training that Were done. Motivation, personality and ability are the characteristics of trainee were highlighted by their framework and also the ark environment like opportunity to work and well support at the he also highlighted about the design of training must be training content sequencing and learning principles.

According to Cannon Bowers and sales 2001 Somehow training transfer gives the proofs to supports the claim about training works only if in the case off’s drive theoretically knowledge, should force in the present competencies and trainees should being provide with lots of practice and the realistic opportunities and must give the feedback from the training providers . By now trend has developed in research of transfer of raining.

Till the period of time some of the question are critically raised and still not been examined explaining about the failure and SUccess of training as strategies for strategic human resource management. The question like, for instance, what would be the partnership nature about the managing the transfer in various contexts? What will be the critical factors that can facilitates about the process of transferring the skills knowledge and behavior from the training session to job?

What factors can be manipulated in environment of organizational which helps to maximize the transfer? Do employees use the newly skills and knowledge on the workplace after they trained? In the field of training and education that form the past century, the research studies affected the research tradition in the sides of motivation adult learning and psychology in training of transfer .

Tradition research from Thornier 1 901 to the 2004 training and development have made great achievement with the remarkable movement. The expansion of training transfer becomes credible in the field of training environment, there are three different strategies that consists of before, during and after the session of raining to be become effective transferable . The training of transfer should be recognized by the training strategies as the part of process.

Newsroom and broad 1 992 gave the three role players that are trainer, trainee and the manager of the trainee in training of transfer process Before, during and after training phases helped to classify a number strategies and action which affect the training transfer and also named as the triangular partnership . This contain action or enrolment so that each level of the partner can occurred by the effective way of training of transfer. By the time some of the researchers defined their theory and brought the role time model in the literacy program in the work place about the transfer of learning.

Transfer of training before, during and after The transfer of knowledge has given the identification to various activities that help to facilitate training of transfer before training starts environment (pre-training )during the exact training session and after training session (environment of post-training Before training session activities and material help to save more valuable classroom time for them who is the new starter ND also get the opportunity to be more friendly with the environment of the training session and the main objectives of the subject area of the training .

The task like pre-session would help to identify the key point of training programmers and outcomes. Before the training the involvement of pa irritants they tend to involve in the training course that makes them to be aware knowing the fact about the training aim and objectives which also help them to motivate themselves. Whatever the time taken by the trainer to give the knowledge before training activities and the required time of the trainee o finish the task can be benefited and worth .

The trainer should understand the environment of the training programmers and should give the required tools to the trainees so that they feel comfort to learn it before training. They trainers should have the materials before training programmers like case study ,questionnaires ,exercise of soot, agreement ,contract of learning ,material resources ,interview between managers and learners ,booklet and the also the trainers should communicate to the trainees and make them to understand what is their main responsibilities and roles before ,during and after the training session or course .

These are the main procedures that trainer should fulfill Before the training the trainers need to design the orders of the costumer that gives the actual report. The trainers should know the managers involvement and if not then the trainers should motivate the managers in the design of the training. Besides this trainees should understand importance of the organization and sit with the trainers to discuss about the training . Whatever is assigned reading is provided most complete before training.

The trainees should have the open heart for earning and should be loyal and honest attitudes before coming in the training session. Similarly supervisor should have nature Of supporting the training session or course and the model of the training. The managers and the supervisor should explain about the transfer occurring into the company performance and the system of appraisal system. In other hand, during the training it is important for all participators of trainers that they should understand being prepared and well managed is essential things but not make enough criteria to ensure the transfer.

All the participator should always go through the mini case study about the real-life condition with the employees and the costumers that help to get the knowledge and skills in the rapid way of understanding and also will be the meaningful. During the training session the videos and the documentary clips can help more to understand to be practical. Keeping in the mind that the duration of the training period the trainees should understand the meaning of the importance of time and should learn as much as they can during the training session to achieve the learning goal. Thou the discussion about the present scenario and not asking question and comments will be the worthless during the period. The power point is the one of the main source of training and it will be more helpful to the both trainers and learner to discuss in the particular topic and easy to make them understanding about the transfer. The stakeholder should support the trainees during the period of train inning session. During the training session trainees should keep interest in learning and have more keen in research during the training so that it helps to get the new knowledge if they engaged during the session.

Trainees do not feel estate to ask a question to the trainers which they are unknown to the things during the training -planning of action is one of the most essential things that trainees should keep in their mind during the training session . They most understand what they are learning and what is the purpose of training . Trainers should the exact machines and material which is belongs to the subject during the training session trainers have to make understand to the trainers with every reason and solution and keep them involved in the training during the period . SE of the mnemonic devices like power point that alps trainees to understand and key concept Likewise supervisor or manager of the organization also plays a vital role during the session of training . The manager or supervisor should not give pressure to the trainer during the period of training that makes them feel bad and tired of learning She managers and supervisor should understand the importance of training and make the training environment more comfort with providing all the materials and equipment if it is needed during the training session.

Similarly after the training the trainees should know the aim and objectives of the many or organist ion and should apply all the skill knowledge and behavior to the work place . The must understand the efficiency of the organization and help the organization with the skills while performing the job . When the employees get the training after that the organization might get risky to lose them because after training their ability to work will be high and get experience and they can start thinking for better pay to another organization .

In order to be in low risk the organization should think about their pay raise and gives more responsibilities to them so that they won’t feel ruder to work and also thinks they have responsibilities toward the organization. After the training session the trainers should send the email or contact them after one month of training in order make them understand about the key concept of bringing learned knowledge in practical way to the work place .

Trainers should provide the poster and banner to the work place to make them understand what they learned in training through the all information and concept via poster . Trainees should meet the manager or supervisor and tell them about what you learned during the training period The trainees own self should discuss between their trainee friend about how to apply the learned knowledge behavior and skills to the work place and should help each other while performing the job At last supervisor should ask to the trainees about the training what they learned during the training when they back to the work . He supervisor or the manager of the organization should discuss about the training transfer behavior to the trainees. Stakeholder should support needed to the trainees to judge the performance trainees must tell when and what particular action are conceived and by which stakeholder. The most important things that stakeholder should review the strategies of purposed in order to select best and other strategies that can be helpful and also should make an obligation at exact time about acting on that strategies .

Conclusion Although the aim to create worth training model is best ever or attractive. According to my research in the transfer of training in strategic human resources management show that every organization is depending upon the training programmers either it is big or small companies in order to run the business or to gain the targeted goal training transfer have great impact in he organization. Every organization can link with the human resources development not depending upon the nature or the size of the companies.

Many researcher have described their theory of transfer of training form the past decade to till now butt found they main ambition of transfer of training have same objectives . The result of my studies shows that the many of the organization is unknown about the training research which is depending upon the transfer of training and whatever they learned from the training session they are not applying to the work place. As also found that the all the activities of training before, during and after which have positive relationship between transfer of training.

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