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This report discussed about the HRS practices of Disney and reviewed the current practices with best practices in he service industry and finally suggested area to improve with citron recommendations. In this report first section explained important Of the strategic HRS management & contribution of strategic HRS management to achieve organizational objectives. Second section describe about the business factors and how HRS plan can contribute to meeting an organizational objectives. In third section explained about the HRS policies and impact of regulatory requirement on HRS policies in an organization.

Fourth section illustrated the structure & culture of the organization and how it impacted the HRS practices or human resource management functions and also recommended solutions for current issues in human resource practices with the culture that Disney embraced. The Objective of the Report The Objectives of the study is to gain much practical knowledge of a particular industry which in this case a service industry and to probe in to HRS practices and how current and to gain knowledge about the theoretical aspects in practical context to apply the knowledge in HRS to a particular situation or context with practical inputs.

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Analysis of Scenarios Strategic human resource management is the way to manage people who ark in the company while achieving the long term business goals and outcomes. It includes typical human resource components like hiring and firing, payroll, trainings to improve the quality of the work and administrations. 1:1:1 Human Resource Management Human resource management is the important fact in organization or company to control its employees. It increases the employee performance and creating, implementing and control policies governing employee behaviors and behaviors of the company to its employees.

It controls the internal and external factors of the organization and it helps to reduce the sis of the organization and increase the return on investment of the organization. 1: Characteristics of Human Resource Management Human resource management involves with certain characteristics. It is based on the company or organization. Human resource management characteristics as follows, when we are taking the method of Harvard school mainly it’s contain two main characteristics as follows, Line managers have more responsibility about the competitive strategy and personal policy.

Workers of the organization have missions of setting policies that govern how arsenal activities are developed and implemented in ways that make them more secured. Other than that human resource management has more characteristics such as, Employer attitudes Job description Recruitment Career development Visibility of cooperate goals 1 Activities of Human Resource Management In Human Resource Management there are more activities to keep employee happily and to create a comfortable work place. It’s not target profit directly but it will help to achieve the company targets in proper way.

There are some characteristics as follows, Increase employee skills and abilities. Human resource management department wants to understand each and every employee’s skills levels and their abilities and week points. It will help to get better decisions to increase the skill level and reduce the weaknesses using conduct trainings, workshops and events. Attendance management and leave management. In department of human resource management is responsible for handling employee’s attendance, and leaves as well, they wants handle employee attendance and leave schedule properly.

It depends on the company policies and government policies. Promoting positive attitudes of the employee. Human Resource Department provides career progression to all employees, depending of course on their abilities, commitment and actual job performance. Recruitment the right people for right job. Human resource management department is doing the recruitment process for the vacant positions in the company. They want to know the capacity and boundary of the post and they wants select the correct person for that positions. So they can use exams, interviews like methods to select right person to right-on.

Job oriented training and development. Human Resource Department provides training to enhance employees cynical and job related skills. Provide remuneration/ employee benefits and programs. Salary and other perquisite applicable to employee position will be communicated to employee & salary’ particulars treated as confidential. Provide bonus/ ex-gratin payment granted in appreciation of employee contribution to the organization. Provide Superannuation. Employees Trust Fund (IETF) – Company contribute 3% of employee gross salary to the employee trust fund.

Gratuity – Employee who have served for a continuous period of five years become entitled for gratuity. Manage employee health and safety. Human resource management department is doing Insurance and medical schemes. Employees in the organization their spouses and children are also covered with these schemes. Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management Encourage positive behavior Vision, active, expectation Translating the strategic plans into actions A good HRS planning makes strategic HRS choices that fit the overall organizational strategies 1. Purpose of Strategic Human Resource Purpose of the strategic human resource management is managing scope of the organization activities, including co-operate activities and boundaries of he organization. Main purposes of strategic human resource management as follows, To ensure the internal structures, observes and procedures use to achieve organization objectives. Equivalent the activities of an organization to the environment in it operates. To reallocation the resource to full fill the works in time and to increase the quality of the outcome.

To Divesting the resource for maintain the organization quality. An acquiring resources using the method hiring, outsourcing like that. Translating the dynamic and multifarious set of internal and external variables that an organization faces onto a structured set of clear upcoming objectives, which can then be implemented on a daily basis. Walt Disney has been distinguished in 1920 as a cartoon studio in the field of family entertainment and also it had been established the business around the world.

The Walter Disney Company produced best quality imaginary production for entertainment such as cartoons, creative theme parks, Walt Disney studios, Disney consumer products and Disney interactive for all members of the families around the world. Walter Disney Company Vision & Mission statements are as follows:- Vision of Walt Disney To be the market leader in family entertainment Mission of Walt Disney The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.

Using our portfolio Of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world. Company Walt Disney targets the person who are left from military service as their employees. Veterans are the people in the military who have experiences in en particular work and been successful in it so Walt Disney can easily manage them, They name their veterans workers as “Heroes” then company try motivate there veterans worker.

Disney always try to build up the strong partnership between employee and the company, it is the best method to keep their employees long time with them. They provide more resources to improve their knowledge about the product and it will helps to become a knowledgeable worker and then it will become more productive long term outcome. They provide job related degree programs to their employees, so he employees will become an academic qualified people. Then they will motivate about the job and they can go ahead from their post and the salary wise.

Walt Disney give the training to their employees in their own training institute. So employees can build up their knowledge through this institute so employees are willing to work in Disney because they can gain updated knowledge about the field. Disney has large network of branches all over the world, then employees Can work with different type of workers. Employees like to work with different people then they will motivate to work in long time n the Disney. Disney provide the Resume writing tool which is helpful to prepare themselves to the new interviews.

And makes sure all the employees are well trained to face any types of interview they involve with. 2. 0 Human Resource plan for Walt Disney Company Human resource planning is the root component of human resource management strategy. All other human resource activities are based on the human resource plan. It contains future human resource requirements and it has internal and external efforts as well. Mainly human resource planning can divided in to two methods such as, Aggregate planning Aggregate planning decisions are made on production, staffing, inventory and backorder levels.

It depends on the supply of the demand for a product or service by defining the correct amounts and correct time of inputs, alterations, and outputs. Succession planning Succession planning is the way to identifying the people and developing their skills to full fill the leadership positions in an organization. It increases the availability of knowledgeable and talented employees that are ready to undertake to the job roles as they become available. Major objectives of Human Resource planning Manage the number of employees for the correct job, it helps to avoiding the understanding and overstuffing.

It will guarantee about the employee and the job roll as well, so it helps place right person to right place at the right time Human resource plan provide better directions and coherence to all human resource activities. And it helps to increase the investment.

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