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Are they positive or negative? (5 marks) Based on our findings of our results shown above is the mean of all the data gathered. We do observed a few interesting trends based on table B above. We found out that most of the visitors gives positive respond about the Arleen Botanic Park wheedles. I nee Tell Tanat ten Arleen Botanic Park wheedles Is Dialectally eagles Ana TN visitors can enjoy the nature of the park after seeing some picture displayed in the website. In our point of view, our perception of the Arleen Botanic Park website rings out the negative side of it.

In the website itself, it is stated that, under the disclaimer section, Arleen Botanic Park make no illustrations and assurances and even they are not responsible about the accuracy of information provided in the website. If the website is temporarily down, the company will not be responsible in regards of the technical issues and the company stated that if the website is down, it is beyond their control. From here, we know that, the company does not care about the consumer problems. Therefore, to be more responsible, the company should find solution and be more helpful towards the consumers (Arleen Botanic Park, 2013).

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In the positive sides about the website, our survey shows that consumers response positively neutral towards the website, even though most of the people we surveyed unaware of Arleen Botanic Park. Moreover, it illustrates the interest of the consumer towards the marketing strategy of the website itself. Other than that, the value offered by the park is attractively reasonable to the eyes of consumer especially for outgoing people who search for adventures.

But there may be some contradicting thoughts by the consumers, such as money, time, and the distance of traveling to Western Australia. However, there are support arguments or the positive side of it for consumers, such as family and friends, learning new cultures, holidays and so forth. These include greater value to the consumer that greatly persuades them to visit Arleen Botanic Park. Besides, the website does not provide forward persuasion and lacks of bright imaging and involvement. It may lead to lose of motivation and the chances to process the message and be convinced was low. ) Compare the meaner between Table B and Table C. Does the Arleen Botanic Park Website have a positive or negative impact on consumer attitudes towards Arleen Botanic Park? Why do you think this is the so? (5 marks) In comparison of table B and C, both are more towards neutral as our subject responds more positively towards the survey and website of Arleen Botanic Park. This is due to the composition of the website and the way they advertise it. Moreover, he website is designed simple that provides all the basic information needed by the users, pictures of the park itself, contact details, promotion, events and so forth.

This immediately gives the users the feeling of value, safety and acknowledgement offered by the business. In addition, this park is a good attraction for outgoing people especially with family and friends. Other than that, pictures, media, membership, feedbacks, stories and activities such as festival and what not are posted on the site to grab more interest by the viewers.

Based on the meaner tabulated, there seems to be a slight positive trend towards individuals who are susceptible to interpersonal influences. Susceptible to internal influences can be defined as the individual difference attributes that assesses a consumer’s need to improve the consumer’s image with people surrounding them by acquiring and using rodents, compliant to the expectations of others, and learning about products by observing others (Bin and Harris 2012). Consumers usually seeks approval or maybe opinion from friends or family about the park even they have little experience with a tourist destination.

Basically, table DO and DID have higher mean because the consumers are most likely to avoid negative impression in public settings. So, they prefer to consult to people they trust about the park. For them, benefits of quality and image would be taken into consideration heavily in their perception of value which is the Arleen Botanic Park. Therefore, consumers are susceptible to interpersonal influences regarding tourist destination. Other than that, from the data above, it can be observed that most individuals tend to rely slightly more on peer influences.

The individuals that were asked to complete these surveys regarding this tourist destination were slightly more susceptible and cared about enhancing their image in terms of others. C. Identify the different types of reference groups. Which do you think consumers would be most influenced by ? Explain. (10 marks) Age group I Number of respondent I Percentage of the respondent (%) I Under rehearses 120 1 21-arrears 144 1 73 | 35-44 year | 1 45-54 years 10 10 1 55-64 years 13 15 1 65 years above 10 10 1 The most influenced group is at the age of 21-34 years old.

There are three types of reference groups that are available and they are informational influence, utilitarian reference and value-expressive reference. The informational influence of a group is based on ways a consumer uses attitudes and Dangerous Tuna In reticence groups, to make toner own calicles. A TTL Tartan influence refers to when a consumer conforms and pays attention to the group’s expectations in order to feel accepted and be rewarded. A value-expressive influence occurs when a consumer internalizes the values of the group or possibly even Joining groups that help express their own views and values.

Based on the norm and the surveys that were tabulated, consumers would be more influenced by informational influence. The Arleen Botanic Park is not a park that most survey participants have gone to. If they were to ponder on going to the park, their friends and family will have a big part in helping them decide as their thoughts and opinions on the park would matter to them. Consumers have a desire to make decisions that are informed and informational influence helps explain on how effective communication using mouth, is, especially if the group that is giving information, is seen as a credible group (Bin and Harris. 011, 202). Question 5: Information Search (20 marks) a. Calculate and fill in the mean (average) for each of the items below. (5 marks) E I I Meaner I 1 | I am likely to click through the Arleen Botanic Park website again | 3. 92 | 2 | I would like to search for tourism information about Arleen Botanic Park from other online sources | 4. 7 | 3 | I would like to search for tourism information about Arleen Botanic Park from different offline resources | 3. 8 | Comment on the meaner from the table. B) Are consumers likely to search for more information regarding Arleen Botanic Park after seeing the website?

Provide Justification and theoretical support for your answers. (5 marks) Based on the table above, we can see that the mean are slightly above the average point. This shows that after surfing the Arleen Botanic Park website, the consumers are expected to look for more information regarding the park. In table El , consumers are likely to search for more information regarding Arleen Botanic Park after seeing the website. Based on the mean table above, we can see that the consumers have the urge to click through the website again to find more information about the park.

From the statement given, consumer will perform ongoing search where consumer will seeks information more simply because he or she is interested about the Arleen Botanic Park. In table E and E, consumers are likely to search for tourism information about the park from other online sources. From here, we believed that consumers not only pending on the park website itself but they also depending on the other online resources. They might surf the Australia Tourism website to get more information auto ten park. E can see Tanat consumers are more likely to uses ten Internet rather than searching it offline. Offline resources can be classified as resources that the consumer can get information about the park from any tourism information centre in Australia especially in Perth. C) Do you think the message characteristics of the Arleen Botanic Park website are effective? How would you increase consumer attention towards the Arleen Botanic Park website? 10 marks) We think that the message characteristics of the Arleen Botanic Park website is slightly effective.

This is because the message characteristics of the Arleen Botanic Park website provides good two physical characteristics (color, font). The color affects the likelihood of gaining consumer’s attention on the Arleen Botanic Park website. The website used green as the theme color because green represents plants, trees and other flora sources that shown in the website itself. Color usually influence the comprehension of a message. In terms of font, font styles are important in sending meaningful signals. It will affect the comprehension of a message in the website (Bin and Harris 2012).

Overall the message characteristics are informative but quite boring. To increase consumer attention towards the Arleen Botanic Park website, they should display more pictures with people enjoying in it. Although there are some pictures, but the website still shows text-heavy pages which is boring and most consumers will not fully read the information. Besides, the website should be more simple in terms of the graphics and suitable fonts used by the website should be considerate as well. In this case, novelty can be used.

This is where the information can attract consumers by making the same information to look more attractive and readable. To name a few ways of novelty, small changes in background color, text positioning and added images make the whole thing more interesting to go through, resulting in increase in sustained attention. For example, under the Venue Hire” section in the website, it is stated that the public can hire the park for their wedding ceremonies and reception but that is all. They should put some pictures of couples who had previously hired that place for their wedding ceremonies and reception.

Or they can even organize a photo shoot there by hiring models to wear wedding outfits, this causes future couple that wants to get married can see that the park is a very beautiful and memorable place to organize their wedding ceremonies and reception. Aside from that, to increase the consumer attention towards the Arleen Botanic Park website is by creating a website that is more attractive than the current ones. They should add some lively colors to ensure the consumer is attracted to the website once they open it.

For instance, put in the color of red, yellow (represents the flowers) and maybe to add up the greenish color. This will influence the perceptions AT ten consumer auto ten Wesley Ana also to Dull up ten trust Ana the consumers that the information provided in the website is true. Question 6: Word of Mouth (10 marks) consonance AT a) Calculate and fill in the mean (average) for each of the items below. (5 marks) HI I Meaner I 1 | How likely are you to spread positive word of mouth about Arleen Botanic Park? | 4. 12 | 2 | I would recommend Arleen Botanic Park to my friends I 4. 3 | 3 | If my friends were looking to visit a tourist destination, I would tell them to visit Arleen Botanic Park | 4. 28 | b. Based on the meaner in table H, do you think the Arleen Botanic Park website is effective in encouraging consumers to spread positive word of mouth (WHOM)? What do you think can be done to improve WHOM of Arleen Botanic Park? Based on the meaner in table H, Arleen Botanic Park website is effective in encouraging consumers to spread positive word of mouth (WHOM). Based on table HI, the consumers will spread positive word of mouth about Arleen Botanic Park to their friends or family.

This meaner that they will say about the beautiful scenery, the outdoor activities that can be done in the park and so forth. Question 6: Consumer Decision Process (1 5 marks) a) What form of advertising appeals do you think would be useful in attracting visitors to Arleen Botanic Park? Suggest at least 2. Provide Justifications for each of your answers (5 marks) Advertising can be refer to “the transmission of paid message about an organization, brand or product to a mass audience” (Elliott, Roundel, Waller 2010, 305).

There are various type of advertising which include television, radio, internet, email, newspaper, magazine, direct mail and public signage. The most effective advertising that would attract visitors to Arleen Botanic Park is through newspaper and internet. According to the managing director Andrea Vocational, although the advance of technology can affect the growth of the other forms of media, but the society make newspaper are the staple product (Inhaling 2010).

Newspaper can be define as “a printed publications that are usually issued daily or weekly consisting of folded unstapled sheets and containing news, articles, advertisements and correspondence” (Oxford Dictionary 2013). The facts that printed advertising such as newspapers can attract attention to the consumer and it can appeal to their needs ND also give a big impact to the company because of the unique advantage and it also lead the consumers to take action.

Arleen Botanic Parks company should advertise more in the newspaper because usually the consumer will attract more Walt newspaper Is a netter In term AT engaging Witt customer ratter than toner sort of media (Owen 2013). Internet advertising also can attract more customers to Arleen Botanic Park. Internet advertising can divided into different type such as brand or product website, company website, advertising on other website such as social networking and search engine (Elliot, Roundel, Waller 2010).

The most well-known internet advertising is social networking website for example Backbone because it is very cheap and easily. According to the financial report, the recent number of user that is use Backbone is increasing to 1. 11 billion (Smith 2013). Internet advertising offers various unique advantages for example like creating interactive advertisement which invite user that are using social networking to visit Arleen Botanic Parks website (Pal 2013). Arleen Botanic Park can create a simple but attractive advertisement so that the user will have an interest towards Arleen Botanic Parks website.

Advertising is very important to the company itself so that they can generate more profit and increase the number of customer to attract more to the product b) Based on the information collected and your understanding of consumers, recommend some strategies you would use to encourage consumers to visit Arleen Botanic Park. Provide Justifications for each of your answers. (10 marks) “Without customers, you don’t have a business. But it’s difficult and costly to land a customer. So once you have a customer, how do you keep them coming back? That’s where customer retention and loyalty programs come in”(A.

Rwanda, 2008). There are a few strategies to encourage consumers to visit the botanic park. The first and most important reason of customer loyalty is the quality of products and services of the company toward the customer. Customer loyalty can be defined as “both an attitudinal and behavioral tendency to favor one brand over all others, whether due to satisfaction with the product or service, its convenience or performance, or simply familiarity and comfort with the brand” (PR Loyalty Solution 2011). It is important to consistently give them an excellent product and service to gain loyal and long-term customers.

Loyalty programs work the best for consumers who are often kept visiting the Botanic Park or can be used on new consumers to attract them. Membership discounts or rewards for customer who agree to sign up to be a member of Botanic Park and continue to be associated with the Botanic Park. For example, shops in the Botanic Park with discounts in return for enabling the shops to track their purchases and communicate with the customers (A. Rwanda, 2008). Other than that, upgrades the services of the Botanic Park are one of the strategies to gain loyalty customer.

Mostly customers wanted a special treatment because they see themselves as a valued customer. For examples, the company should make a customer feel special for visiting to Botanic Park by giving a special discount that is giving a free reward after multiple purchases. It could be as simple as giving free few tickets to a regular customer or membership of Botanic Park.

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