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I’m sure you would agree that we don’t want any of our employees to be added to that list. Since my wallet was stolen two months ago, I have been worried that this could happen to me. I no longer carry my social security card in my wallet (as law enforcement experts now recommend), but my Crossroad Data ID card prominently features my social security number. An enterprising thief could have taken that number and tapped into my bank and credit card accounts, set up new accounts, made large purchases, and even applied for a new driver’s license using my number.

Identify theft victims must spend many hours on the phone and rapes hundreds or thousands of dollars to get their records corrected, and this process can take several months. Thinking about all the possible effects of a stolen identity makes me anxious every time I open a bill or talk too merchant on the phone. And that worry doesn’t end when I come to work; the extra stress Is present 24 hours a day. Some of my friends are employed at other companies In the area and also carry company ID cards in their wallets. However, their cards contain no visible social security number.

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Instead, a bar code on the back of the card contains this information. The SCOFF Company employees Just received their new cards four months ago. I believe this type of ID card would be an excellent change for Crossroad Data to implement. It would certainly provide a higher level of security for our employees. I would be glad to discuss this with you in more detail and share my research findings. Who knows, the person we save from identity theft in the future could be you, or CEO.

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