Pelts computerized sales and inventory system Assignment

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Project Context Pelts Corporation is a company that sells clothes for men, women, and children. They also have a wide variety of fashion accessories; they also have shoes, bags and aware. The company has two branches here in Backlog, one is located in Lawson SST. Corner B. S. Aquinas drive and the other Is inside the Robinsons Mall Backlog. The Pelts Corporation is still using the old software that Is similar to the FoxPro MS Dos with barded feature.

That Is why we came to a point to propose a new system that an help make their work easier and efficient. We want to change their Physical Count Inventory System to a Computerized Sales & Inventory System for easier and fast workflow, and can help improve their work like their growth as a company. Purpose & Description Pelts Computerized Sales & Inventory System has the following features: The Sales System this where the main transactions like the sales through cash, credit cards, Pelts Cards & check payments are being recorded.

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This system also helps them now the real-time transactions and helps them monitor their Income if there is growth In the business. The Inventory System is the one tracking the incoming and outgoing stocks and the recorded and real-time stocks of the Company. Our team decided to combine the two separate systems into one for them to track real-time deficiency on both the sales and the inventory of their stocks. General Objective The General Objective of this proposal is to improve the existing system of Pelts Corporation through a computerized Sales & Inventory System.

Specifically this proposal is to address the following: To develop a database that focuses on recording all units & Items delivered to the company which is part of the Inventory System. To improve their Fox Pro MS Dos software to a Visual Basic Software. To improve their archival system since both sales and inventory system are combined and is computerized there will be less paper works and hard copy of the files can be minimized in the warehouse facility.

The proposed system will allow access that only authorized personnel can use hush it will have a Login feature for security. The system can generate a report to the files and records on the specific data and categories they require. The Computerized Sales and Inventory system can access the current rates, the cash and debit cards sales, credit cards and check charge, gift check conditional, payments, returns and memo. It can also access the gross sales total of the old and new brands. The Pelts Computerized Sales and Inventory system will update every year.

The update will separate the old and the new records to avoid the files to overlap with one another. Limitations The system will also have minor limitations one of them is the storehouse of records that the system can handle a maximum of 50,000 data that can be stored and accessed since we use the Microsoft Office Access to store the data. The second is the system can inventory the credit line transactions but we cannot store it in the records since there is a different system that handles the recording in the condition of the mode of payment.

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