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Hegemony in Mass Media Hegemony is prevalent in every mass broadcasted/published type of media in America. It is the acceptance of ideals that trickle down from the people in power to those without power or those that have little power. This concept is what causes us to accept ideas such as objectifying women in commercials and television. It’s what makes the American public accept social stratification and mild to intense segregation. This idea of hegemony affects the way we think and what our society ecides is normal.

Hegemony can be seen in news, politics, and even Disney movies. For instance, poor and middle class republicans support the trickle-down/ Reaganomics even though it hurts them. Big tax breaks for giant corporations, or the top 5% of American earners. Not only do these tax breaks help the middle class, but rather hurts them because the middle class is taxed heavier. Women are objectified in commercials and we accept this because it is on television. The media is the message!

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Therefore we accept that whatever is on television is okay. This is certainly not the case, but we don’t question it. Even in Disney movies women are construed as weak and male-dependent. These movies are telling our impressionable children that women have to be beautiful nurturing beings. The reality is that women can be successful businesswomen in any industry. Sticking with Disney, racism is apparent in many of their films geared towards hildren.

In the movie Tarzan, set in AFRICA, where are all the black people? Where are the Africans? What kind of message does that send children in Africa? Will it make them think they weren’t good enough to be depicted in a film set in their own nation? These ideas are very worth considering and it will take a great effort to stop these mass messages/ideals that are only held by less than 5% of Americans. Sales and Sales Management Notes By tscline

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