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This main objective of this report is to develop a project which is Marina Bay Sands, a large resort in Singapore. It is one of the most luxury resorts in the world which include casino and restaurant. This report will first give a brief overview of the project which explain what the project was and the context in which the project occurred. Secondly, project stakeholder and description of how the project was managed will be analyzed.

Lastly, there will be a critical analysis of the project outcome. Introduction Marina Bay Sands, a luxury resort located opposite to Marina Bay in Singapore, is considered as the world’s most expensive independent casino property which costs a total amount of US $5. 7 billion including the land cost (Orchestrations). Marina Bay Sands was designed by Mosher Safe and developed by Lass Vegas Sands, an American casino and resort operating company based in the USA. Marina Bay Sands is really more than a building project, it is a microcosm of a city rooted in Singapore culture, climate, and contemporary life,” says architect Mosher Safe. “Our challenge as to create a vital public place at the district-urban scale, in other words, to address the issue of mega scale and invent an urban landscape that would work at the human scale” (Orchestrations). The resort was officially opened on 23 June 2010 at 3. 18 pm featuring a 2560 hotel rooms which include Deluxe, Premier, The Club and Grand Club rooms serving from lower class to higher class.

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Moreover, the resort also brings together an art & science museum, convention-exhibition Centre, two theatres, a shopper mall, six dining restaurants and the world’s largest “atrium style” casino eaters four levels of gaming and entertainment in one space located in the middle of the resort provides over 500 gaming tables and almost 2500 slot machines . Not to mention there is an infinity swimming pool sitting on the top of Marina Bay Sands giving swimmers the feeling that they never experienced before.

Project Stakeholder Analyze “A stakeholder in an organization is any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization’s objectives” (Freeman 1984). For example, a project leader, a project customer or a project team member can be noninsured as a stakeholder as long as they are actively involved in a project. The main stakeholder as well as sponsor of Marina Bay Sands project is Lass Vegas Sands, an American casino and Resort Company, the role of the sponsor is to provide funding and resources in order to develop Marina Bay Sands.

Moreover, Marina Bay Sands attracts many of foreigner’s visitors every year which make a large contribution to the resort, according to Mr.. Deadlines: “The foreigners come in Marina Bay Sands with more money than the local Singapore”. It’s a commonsense that people tend o bring more money with them when going oversea because they’re there less frequently. Besides sponsor and visitors, Marina Bay Sands also has some other stakeholder such as project manager and project team members.

The role and responsibilities of project manager is to manage and execute the project to completion, whereas the roles of project team members is to carry out the project tasks to support objectives in order to achieve the project’s goals. Description of how the project was managed Marina Bay Sands’ project was a unique project therefore it has to be well managed. In order to do this we need to divide it in several stages. The very first and most important stage in any project is to define the scope of the project. For example, what need to be accomplished by managing the project?

What are the objectives of doing this project? In this project, we decided that the scope and objectives of the project is to build an integrated development that is everlasting, a landmark that possesses a distinct identity which will distinguish Singapore from other cities. Secondly, the available resources will then need to be determined to see if there are enough resources for building the project such as funds, raw materials and labor, etc. This stage was well managed in order to gather enough funds and avoid the lack of resources when building the project.

Thirdly, every project will have a deadline and the manager will need to know when the project has to be completed, the project plan was developed in order to deliver the project on time. After developing the project plan, manager will need to consider what are the major pieces of the project? What are the less important pieces of the project? Depend on the size of the project, smaller steps should be completed first before complete the bigger steps. Not to mention that the every project has risks and risk is an inherent part of the construction process and that it cannot be completely eliminated (Clark, 2011).

Hence the construction risk for the Marina Bay Sands was well looked after in order to avoid any risk which might happens during the process of building the project. A critical analysis of the project outcome Marina Bay Sands, which also known as the three towers with a boat on top, might be the most eye-catching and attractive building of all of Singapore. The grand opening of Marina Bay Sands was held on 17 of February 2011 and attracts millions of visitors room all around the world every year.

In addition, the project outcome also creates more than 500 Job opening at Marina Bay Sands career fest, this include both part- time and full-time positions across all facets of the resort. Not only created Jobs for people who are seeking Jobs, Marina Bay Sands also raised $3. 6 million in its first three-day charity event in order to benefit the local non-profit organization. Chief executive officer and President George Tentativeness states that: “We have demonstrated the spirit of giving back to the local community, through a strong ambitions of active volunteerism and generous donations from fellow Singapore and our overseas visitors”.

There are many factors which need to be considered for a project such as stakeholder, project team and a well-developed project plan in order for the project to be successful. After doing this project, I have learned a large number of knowledge such as understand how to deal with problems, how to create a project plan and how to deliver the project on time.

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