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international human resource management BY it-nt1987 International Human Resource Management and its challenges. The World is becoming broader less by every second. Unlikely to last centaury, going international seems not a big seen in todays business world. International Human resource management is critical thing to be considered when an organization is looking to “going global”. Human resource is a critical resource in any organization. It is obvious that todays most successful business is mainly depending on their mployee’s brain power.

Managing this complex creature of nature is called human resource management . lnternational human resource management exist when an organization has to work with people from different cultures and countries. Human resource management is important to achieve company goals and objectives along with employee’s life and work satisfaction. This study becomes more complex in international level. The traditional economist’s view that international trade is based on the comparative costs between nations. Smiths . 776) theory of international trade stated that an overall welfare gain was made when countries produced the goods in which they had an absolute cost advantage (i. e. in which they were the cheaper provider) and traded them with other countries for goods in which those countries had absolute cost advantages. Organization mainly has two ways to get into international market. It is believed that organizations take step into international level to take comparative advantage And the other is find or develop markets for their roducts E. g. :- exporting, licensing, and direct labor offshoring. 1. 0th October 2011 2. Team 3. Contents’. Overview Starbucks -Milestones”. PESTLE-Analysis ?????? General Information ?????? P – Political Issues ?????? E – Economical Issues ?????? S – Social Issues ?????? T – Technological Issues ?????? E – Environmental Issues ?????? L – Legal Issueslll. Conclusion 4. I. Company overview – Milestone (1)?????? Founded 1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place Market?????? 1982: Howard Schultz becomes Director of Retail Ops; – Starbucks provides coffee to fine estaurants and espresso bars?????? 1984: First Starbucks Coffeehouse in Downtown Seattle?????? 1988: Full Health Benefits to employees?????? 1995: over 500 US-stores 5.

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Company Overview – Milestones (2)?????? 1998: starbucks. com?????? 2000: licencing agreement with TransFair USA to sell Fairtrade coffee in USA and Canada?????? 2009: East Africa Farmer Support Centre in Kigali [Rwanda; Social Engagement to save lives in Africa?????? 2010: Asia Farmer Support Centre in Yunnan, China?????? Total Stores: approximetely 17,000 6. II. PESTEL ANALYSIS Economical Political SocialTechnological Legal Use: Measuring the organization’s goals against influences and Environmental demands of environment 7. . Political issues – Issues: Stability of political environment, law, taxes, policies on economy, trading agreements, government’s view on culture and religion, terrorism 0 Example: Hong Kong, Thailand 8. 2. Economical issues0 The level of inflation. o Interest rates. 0 Income per capita. 0 Long-term perspectives for the economy. Stabilization 0 Unemployment rate 9. 3. Social issuesOur Mission: to inspire and urture the human spirit- one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

Goals: -Continious Improvement of Quality OExternal Stakeholder (Customer) standards in Production Areas 10. Social issues (2)0 Goals: -Promotion of Diversity and Respect 0 Internal Stakeholder Satisfaction -Integrating into the community (environment-orientated goals) -Responsibility ??????to be good neighbours????” -Connection between value chain (suppliers, partners, customers) and community -Everyday contribution through positive action -Success in Business (organization-orientated goals)

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