Inflow Sales and Inventory Assignment

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Sales and Inventory They are a small group of people in Toronto, Canada who are passionate about building tools to help other businesses. They believe that software should be easy to use, contains lots of powerful features, and be made beautiful for people. They started the company in 2005 as consultants building custom-made inventory systems for other companies. They quickly realized that clients would’ve liked to buy pre-made software if there was anything suitable, but there wasn’t. The choices were either too complicated or expensive, or Just not powerful enough to meet their needs.

So they set out to do better. Product List You can easily see the Product weather if it is available. Barded! They use A barded is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows data about the object to which it attaches barded to manage their sales quickly. Multiple Locations & Sub locations They have multiple location on inventory and sub location to more precisely track products. Full Movement History You can see the full history of any transaction. Assemble Products from Bill of Materials Automatically assemble finished products or packages from raw materials, updating he inventory accordingly.

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One-click Simple Workflow Use simple workflow to take orders and deduct inventory with one click! Complete Advance Workflow Advanced workflow to track more detailed things like shipping information, specialized picking, and customer returns Print or Email Invoices You can print or email Invoices. Reorder Stock Automatically generate Purchase Orders for products that are low in stock. Customizable Reports Easily see report to get detailed information like total sales, total taxes, best-selling reduces, products on back order, and how long your inventory will last.

Multi-User Network Have everyone working off the same data in real time using multi-user mode. You can have everyone’s computers connected within the same network, or even over the internet! Access Rights Restrict who has access to see or modify Customizable Fields You can rename any labels or messages within the software. You can also add your own new extra custom fields. Import/Export Data Integrate inflow with Excel, Cookbooks, or your website by importing and exporting data in the industry-standard C.V. format.

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