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We classified our employees for the business startup above in the chart. Our mission is to serve the safe, comfortable and reliable journey over the road that is we follow the following necessities for the positions: SSL. No. Positions Requirements Inside of Bangladesh HER 2. HARM 3. IT 4. Drivers Graduates and experienced Minimum educations from high school . Guards Outside of Bangladesh Graduates and from high school, Local people We choose local people for outside of Bangladesh for – Better communication; More carefulness for people; To increase international power.

We processed the whole recruitment system under the following process: Training New Employees Un/skilled Employees Potential Managers 3 | page Development Motivated & committed employees Skilled Employees Competent Managers Recruitment Process We advertised our recruitment vacancies over the internet, newspaper and billboard also, because we hire people for our national and international arrives. Different positions need different media to be known about the vacancies. We will grant the C.v. over the internet and hardcopy also.

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Reason for choosing the process are: Internet – to hire the national and international & intellectual employees. Billboard – people walk around the roads searching for job, they will watch the vacancy advertisement. Newspaper – to get people known about the vacancy among the all types of people. We record all the data in the computer for further needs. 41 Page Talent Management To build a strong position over the market, it is highly important to pay once in talents of the management. And also maintain the company’s PODs talent management is really important.

Our services highly need the moral values of life and human being otherwise they will not understand the value of others life and accident will occur continuously. We fail to walk further with our motto for “safe, comfortable & reliable”. For this values education and being educated is highly needed. Our procedure for talent management is following: Necessary Degrees for required position; High school education for driving and guard position; Psychological test and training for field work;

Yearly declaration of “Best employee of the year; Discount on travel by our services for their family; Giving promotion through working outside of Bangladesh; Country visiting to enlarged the working experience and talents; Country based award declaration. We maintain above strategies to maintain the talents of the company. 5 | Page Company Culture We pay special concentrations to company culture.

To maintain the motto we strongly buildup the following culture: Reward for ethical activities; Punishments for unethical activities, may fire from job; Dropped out of the office for any complain and desirable changes; Promotion r any reward for better idea intend to develop the company’s progress; Keeping Secrets Of every employees information and complains; Secret cash rewards for informing any unethical activities; “Life is valuable lets safe it together’ go through this believes; Technology makes one’s life easier to deal, we all be efficient to use the technology.

Above all the culture we strongly maintain to run through the motto. And every employees and customer whenever hear the name of the company they will feel the – safe, comfort, reliable and technologically advanced to reach to the mind of every one. Because”Happy employee is productive employee”. 6 | page Stuff Handbook We keep our hand book in multiple places. So, our employees cannot be distracted from the company culture. We provide 3 types of stuff hand book. These Stuff Hand book Internet Hand book Hand Book in detailed Manual 1.

Internet Handbook – It not possible to keep hand book in pockets or bags. It is not comfortable always. We keep online handbooks that our top level employees can visit the online version any time. Whoever wise to visit the online handbook they can go easily. 2. Hand book in detailed – It is also kept n the office. That whoever wise to get them know the hand book then can easily read it from office study rooms. 3. Manual hand book – so, that our employees can keep it with themselves. Specially for the blue collard employees and drivers they can keep it bus or in pocket to review the rules and regulation.

We keep all that 3 types of stuff hand book that they cannot go out of the organizational culture. 7 | page Technology We highly maintain the technological trends to keep safety of our customers and our position. For this we use special software in bus to track them all the time. If they occur any accident we can easily track them and get them to punished. Any part of the vehicle if they want to stole, there will be an attached sensor that will inform the IT who set inferno of computer instantly. One software of GAPS signal named “where is my bus? ‘ made by Avery Dimension.

It is very useful to track the bus. To run that technology we needed more efficient computer and software user. To get communicative with our outside services HER and HARM we had to maintain a company’s weapon and personal email portal. This technology helps us to spread our services out Of the Bangladesh easily and confidently. | Page Monitoring Employees We use tech oenology in advanced way in our company by following different way for different position: HER and HARM -?? they will log on to their computer when they reached at the office and log out when they leave the office.

The records of the time automatically transformed to the Coo’s office. IT – they will log on to the server before the drivers come out with their bus. So, they can monitor on bus drivers and guards. And when they log on to the server the record of coming at office and leaving the office that record transferred to the HARM office directly. Bus Drivers – when start the bus to drive, when they stop to drive very record will be send to the technicians computers through the GAPS signal.

Every 30 seconds that software broadcast about the location of the bus. Guards – when they set inferno of their computer to look after the C cameras records, they have to also log on to the computer. Different guards have different employee servers ID. Through this ID they will log on to and before leaving they will log out their server.

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