Human Resource Management Overview Assignment

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When hiring a new employee, and HER representative will sit down with that prospect and navigate any dealings with a contract. This includes salaries, time off, bonuses and more. To deal with a road range of personalities and ensure that all are compensated correctly, have time off that is properly sorted so that not too many people are off at once, and ensure that the company runs smoothly is a lot to handle. Strategic Planning and the HARM Team Strategic planning is a vital part of building a company.

When putting together a human resource team to help build up a company, you must find employees that align themselves with the vision you have for the business. In large part, the people literally make up the most significant part of a company. Finding the right people to be a part of the group, training them to understand and do the jobs best suited for the organization, and ensuring that the employees retain their positions with the business is the large part of the strategic planning process that the HARM team takes up.

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Personal Experience My first and only experience with a genuine Human Resource Management team was with the Department of Justice when I worked as a paralegal for the U. S. Attorney’s office in El Paso. Was flown from El Paso to San Antonio, Texas to partake in all actions in regards to my new employment; such as setting up my direct deposit for pay, signing up for or declining insurance infinite, learning about the organization and how administrative processes worked and got all of the identification needed for working in a federal building.

Once started working at the El Paso location, I met with the manager of the office and covered all of the HARM items that needed for the particular location was at and started to learn how vacation time was calculated, what paperwork was required to be filed for my many B appointments and how to track time that I needed to take off, especially when I just started the position and was pregnant. The organization did an excellent job of explaining just how to handle all of the administrative things that needed to understand as well as training me on what aspects of my job would entail.

Conclusion The Human Resource Management side of a company is a difficult side of the business to be on. Not only is one (or the team) in charge of hiring the people who will work within the company and ensure its success, but they must handle all paperwork for them for insurance, pay, any extras such as bonuses, vacation time and sick leave. The paperwork alone is a significant amount, as well as gathering all of the correct information for each piece and owing exactly where it needs to go and to whom.

Hiring the people who will in turn work for the benefit of the company can be a difficult task, as sometimes the vision of a new business hasn’t been fully grasped by all parties involved, or maybe it’s just one person that has to hire a lot of people, and a bad apple may fall through the cracks. Getting to know the people within the company as a human resource representative is a vital part of getting the job done and even doing it well.

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