Human Resource Management: An Overview Assignment

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Human resource management (HARM) is the subset field of management according to Robbins and Decency (2006) and professionals in this field must be able to manage the organization using people. The HARM personnel typically require the coordination of all components of company functions including planning, organizing, leading and controlling employees to accomplish the goals of the organization. Prior to the sass’s, the human resources department was usually viewed as the “health and happiness” apartment for any company but now the HARM division is a more technical position.

HARM personnel are now trained in sociology, organization, work design, psychology, and law. This begins with following federal legislation which requires a company to hire the highest qualified candidates for job openings without allowing race, religion, color, sex, disability or origin to have any deciding factor in if they are hired or not. HARM must also oversee training employees to function effectively within the company and they monitor the continuing personal development of employees.

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The HARM must also balance worker retention while also attracting new applicants. The two primary responsibilities of HARM consist of assisting the company’s strategic direction and being a representative and advocating for the companies employees. This means the HARM is constantly and consistently working with line management in organizational designs, culture differences, and performance systems and making changes where necessary. HARM also has a unique function of determining which strategies will help to reduce cost while still offering employees amenities.

HARM personnel must be concerned with the total cost of the companies HER department as well as the overall company employees. External factors can also affect the HARM process such as globalization, technology, changing skill requirements, workforce diversity, continuous improvements, and ethics. Motivating employees is considered one of the most and also most understood functions of the HARM process. Motivating employees is a multifaceted process that has individual implications, managerial implications and organizational implications.

An employee’s motivation can be effected by environmental issues which in turn affect the ability and willingness of an employee to complete a job task. After the HARM process can verify the employee has the skills to complete the job, HARM must also make sure the job is clearly defined and properly designed as well as making sure the employee has the proper tools to do the job. A quality HARM department can improve both the financial situation of the organization and the shareholder.

This shows that having a quality HARM aerogram can improve more than just employee output. A company that invest in HER upfront and then continues to invest in HER Can see the financial gains in the long run. As organizations continue to evolve to reflect global change, there has been a movement towards creating self-contained units with a small group of HARM professionals assigned to just one department. The HARM professional may still report to the headquarters HARM department for coordinating activities, the individual should manage all HER functions within a department.

Another trend known as shared services is on the rise and follows the pattern of having a general HARM representative for each department instead of a specialist that handles one problem from all departments. Under shared services, a few general HARM representatives are able to handle day to day operations such as recruiting implementing policy, filing grievances and conducting employee training. There are then members of a centralized staff that handle organizational development, compensation and benefits for employees.

Lastly, the wave of outsourcing has hit HARM and owe consulting firms are handling recruiting, the selection process and background checks as well as drug testing before sending the recruit to the company for employment. Even with the outsourcing of HARM, many companies feel that managers and employees should understand the basic HARM activities and issues. Understanding that HARM is comprised of four main functions (staffing, development, motivation and maintenance) which can be affected by outside influences, can help HARM professionals to seek out and find the correct employees for a company.

The HARM has a better idea for airing competent people, training those employees and helping the employees to perform at high levels while maintaining their productivity. Dynamic factors such as government legislation, management and economy can also affect HARM functions. Having a knowledgeable and well trained HARM can improve the quality of any company helping to increase productivity and raise profits.

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