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To what extent does human resource management need to play a formal role in companies? Introduction This paper will discuss how important the human resource management in company and what kind of role need to play this type of management in company. That means the human resource management includes conducting job analyses, planning personal needs, finding the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing rate of wages and salaries, providing benefits and motivations, evaluating execution, resolving arguments, and immunization with all employees at all levels.

Examples of main qualities of human resource management are extensive knowledge of the industry, leadership, and effective negotiation skills, which is sensitive aspect of human resource management. Human resource management had used from ancient times when primitive man was allocated to different tasks based on skills, experience and cultural tradition (Price, 2007). From this time, fundamental function of human resource management such as work distribution and format has been hanged and fully diversified in modern companies.

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This essay will illustrate that human resource management is crucial to companies, which is need to play a formal role in companies depends on enterprises’ complexity such as employee numbers, company structure and scale to a large extent. Playing a formal role has become essential for human resource management in those companies which are huge and complex. Proofs of good management in the past were great pyramids and fortresses which were built by huge number of people, huge armies organized by military leaders.

From this time the management of the workplace has changed completely, which has effect from economic situation and huge number of productivity. However, this process was slow until end of 19th century. After that the size of the new industries claimed subtle methods of control and organization, as a result turn into modern management. There were some authors who had publication about management of labor such as Machiavelli and Adam Smith. Furthermore, in modern times huge number of literature on management in origin from America.

For example, one of the principal originators of modern management was a Scot, Daniel McCollum, who set creating management system and advocated a number of management principles such as ‘Pay and promotion based on merit’, Specific and detailed job descriptions’ and ‘The search for and correction of errors'(Price, 2007). In the interim, the mass-production method used by Henry Ford for automobile manufacturing created new distinctive form of scientific management. However, this scientific management had first been developed by F. W. Taylor, which produced a new division of labor (Miniature, 1994).

About International human resource management. This paper covers about the International human resource management, which has the organizational function that deals with recruiting, managing, developing and motivating people in multinational and international companies, including providing functional and specialized support, which includes human right standards (Scullion, 1995; Beamer&Lansbury, 1998). Moreover, differences between domestic and international human resource management, which includes geographical, financial special feature.

Therefore, IHRAM entails, another three types of employee, such as parent- country nationals, host-country nationals and third-country nationals (Scullion, 2005). Conclusion. To sum up, we can see that nowadays the human resource management plays an instrumental role in helping the company to achieve the goal, which helps them to improve their productivity and quality of product. Furthermore, if the human resource management is successful in the company, it will help employees to create new ideas, which encourages the company to be more successful in the economic arena.

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