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Technology, globalization, diversity and ethics all play a part in the way that the company and department can change for the better.

By putting all of these pieces gather, the human resource department at Hancock Manufacturing will be the trendsetter of the industry. Technology Technology is an essential function that most HARM must constantly look at, as this is a vital piece to providing the best work environment and work efficiency in an organization. If the technology is not updated it can affect the performance of not only the employee but the organization as well. “Imagine an employee who spends considerable time each day developing product designs.

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This employee, however, is struggling with outdated design software. Compared to another employee who does have access to such technology, he first individual is going to be less productive” (Decency, Robbins, & Overhauls, 2013, p. 37). Hancock Manufacturing human resource department has continually kept up with technology and over the years, that has benefited the company. Integrating new technology improves the communication effectiveness of the department and across the organizations other departments.

Purchasing new network systems benefits Hancock by increasing its footprint to keep in ahead of its competitors and helps their employees to better assist its clients in a worldwide market. Not only does it helps communicate but allow Hancock Manufacturing to track all of its employees and supplies that move around the globe. By providing current technology ensures, departments run smoothly and can share information between them. Having up-to-date integrated software, applications, the Internet, and network servers can mean easy maintenance Of data, and organization keeping the company ahead of its competitors.

Technology also benefits HARM as its makes searching and recruiting top talent for the company through the Internet such as F-casebook, Linked, and job finder websites, which gives the potential talent to post their resumes and be seen by recruiters. Technologies also benefit the organization’s ability to train new employees without slowing down production and get them into the field faster, keeping the company ahead. This is critical depending on the position a new employee is filling.

Lewis (2014), “Information technology makes it possible for human resources professionals to train new staff members in a more efficient manner as well. The ability to access company information and training programs from remote locations eliminates the need for trainers to work directly with new hires on all training. Some interaction will always be necessary on some level, of course, but training in ritual classrooms makes it possible for the HER professionals to train a large number of employees quickly and to assess their progress through computerized testing programs” (Training).

Globalization Among the many factors that will affect Hancock Manufacturing in a global market concerning HER functions are Culture, the skill set of potential employee in the local, and concerns with compatibility Of organizational culture and local culture (Gordon, n. D. ). Additionally, staffing for market research and a team dedicated to learning and preparing the organization for lobar opportunities will precede initial ventures abroad (Gordon, n. D. ).

The HER also is preparing training for new hires abroad and diversity training for current employees to implement international collaboration within the organization made easier by advancements in technology. Understanding the cue True of the location of the new ventures is an important part of the process for developing training for new hires working in or working with offices established on foreign soil. Making amendments to organizational culture to incorporate new offices and create a global organizational culture (Roux, Parental, & Welling, 2000).

Establishing an organizational culture on a global scale entails efficient communications, regional involvement to ensure regional cultures are represented, and education of management on a global scale to ensure that it is clear to all regions how the organization wishes to conduct business (Roux, Parental, & Welling, 2000). Global expansion decentralized the HER department as regions needing HER representation supported by collaboration with the corporate HER office. The HER department is instituting training for regions on proprietary methods employed by Hancock Manufacturing.

Using a local workforce and locally hired corporate trained management and HER representation to maintain consistency across the organization (Roux, Parental, & Welling, 2000). Consistency with HER processes and policies is difficult to maintain and will be affected by social, political, and economic culture and the perceived value Of HER services by region. Policies are reviewed and policy standards of the united States are implemented except in regions where the policies are incompatible with the cultural and the legal environment of the region and will not adversely affect the comma NYSE global and national image (Thompson Hogan, 2013).

To establish policies and maintain a level of consistency alternative policies are realized based on the regional nation concerning staffing, decision making, compensation, performance management, and training. Regional differences are accounted for in regards to communications and career planning where it involves the establishment and enforcement of policies and policy alternatives, and in the placement of personnel moving from one region to another to fill an organizational need (Thompson & Hogan, 2013). Diversity Diversity is a key factor in a successful business currently.

As a nation, we have become more interconnected than ever before through the constant technological innovations as well as faster transportation systems. The ability for Hancock Manufacturing to be so diverse gives us an upper hand when it comes to performance as well as sales. We are able to reach a larger customer base as well as hire a broader range of talent from all around the world to be a part of our team. Each person has experienced different experiences and different cultures can bring new insight to a team, which is exactly what we are looking for, fresh ideas and a variety of views.

Culture may be the first thought when hearing the term diversity, however, it encompasses so much more. Genders and age also play a key role. A company will benefit from having older employees who have been in the business and know the ins and outs of the company as well as hiring young, fresh faces who can bring in a new point of view with innovative ideas for the company. Men and women tend to think differently from one another and therefore bring more to the table when working together as a team. “Diversity breeds innovation and innovation breeds business success” (Walter, 2014).

This quote from Forbes contributor Catering Walter could not have been truer and is exactly our point of view here at Hancock Manufacturing. Diversity in a company is a thought pattern rather than just a mere company practice. To embrace differences and change is to embrace success and innovation that makes a real connection to customers around the world, working together to create something spectacular. Here at Hancock Manufacturing, we celebrate diversity and meet the needs of individual employees and their cultural differences as best we can.

By doing so, we can benefit the employees as well as employers with increase profits as has been rover to do so in the past from other companies (Decency, 2013). We here at Hancock manufacturing are excited for the future and welcoming any new employees who wish to be a part of this diverse workforce and make an impact on this world. Ethics The ethics of a company are always on the mind of prospective employees. At Hancock Manufacturing, we take a great deal of time and efforts making sure that ethics are of the highest concern.

An employee should never feel uncomfortable or unsafe when coming to work. When prospective employees are looking into taking a position at Hancock Manufacturing, they would know that they are safe and that all considerations are taken when dealing with ethical issues within the company. “Examples of human resource dilemmas include ethical problems that arise when people work together, such as discrimination, favoritism, harassment, work-life balance, inconsistencies in pay or discipline, or simply how people get along. Terrier & Nelson, 2010) Hancock Manufacturing takes ethical treatment of all of its employees very seriously. From the minimum wage workers to the CEO, every employee is considered a part of the team and any issues that may rise are treated with the same procedures and care. “Ethical training is needed for all employees and it should continue throughout the employee’s tenure. ” (Becker, 2010) Hancock Manufacturing takes a strong stand in making sure all employees go through yearly ethical training and upon being hired as well.

We want to make sure everyone is aware of the standards we uphold to, that Hancock Manufacturing is interested in the wellbeing of its employees, and that all employees are treated with respect. In taking a position with Hancock Manufacturing, We consider each employee as a ember of the family and we want to make sure in working for us that each employee feels safe and comfortable when they walk through our doors. Conclusion Hancock Manufacturing is by far the leader in the industry. The things that have helped it get there and will help it to get better are the technology, globalization, diversity, and ethics.

Communication is very important to Hancock manufacturing so technology is a key to its success. Training is also a key and because that they are so big of a company in the global market this is where globalization play its part for the sake of consistency throughout the many. Since we are a global company, being diverse is also one of the key parts to becoming better that we are right now. By being diverse, it actually helps in the global market by giving us the upper hand in the global market.

Ethics is something that is not taken lightly and Hancock Manufacturing. It starts at the top of the company so that it shows the rest of the workforce what is expected from them.

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