Human Resource Management-Case Studies on Nike Assignment

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The last is about Pay Decisions at Performance Sports on page 430 of Managing Human Resources. Florida Company Fastens Its Sights on Global Growth introduction of advanced technology in production processes entails the recruitment of skilled employees who can meet the technological challenges imposed by the new techniques to hold the company in good stead in the competitive environment. If skilled employees are hired, the stage is set for the company to further equip these employees with better competencies to meet the company objectives for consistent growth.

The Human Resource Information Systems (HEIR) have to be used In the right context by using the most appropriate HARM technologies, because employers can enhance production and reduce costs by using these strategies. Since HARM affects all employees, such strategies carry lot of potential in reducing administrative costs, speeding response time and in the improvement of customer service and decision-making. Since the given strategies entail change, appropriate change management strategy has to be Implemented by the company.

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In order to maintain cordial relationship with its employees, in addition to the instant training of employees the firm needs to manage its human capital through HER interventions. Especially in a competitive environment as in the medical equipment area there is a strong need for a company such as that of Bryan Killer, to build upon Its human capital. The company has consistently adopted a practice of retailing Its employees and of doing all that Is possible in order to prevent them from leaving for better pastures.

During periods of slump, also Kelley does not get frantic to cut on his employees and instead attempts to use them in a combined oratorio of activities in making them more specialized in other activities within his company. For this reason, there is always an employee force with him whom he can depend during times of high demand for his products. Human capital is not like technology that remains with the company If the employee leaves; therefore, It Is elsewhere. The best and the brightest talent have to be hired and employees should be given the opportunity to develop themselves on the Job.

This knowledge can be used by the management in bringing about the best results for the organization. By roving well-deserved opportunities for growth and by initiating suitable employee rewards, the company can greatly influence them in making them to have a sense of belonging towards the organization. Nikkei: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foote case study does not reveal any serious issue pertaining to the violation of Equal Employment Opportunity (EYE) laws. Violation of EYE laws primarily relate to discrimination based on age, disability, national origin, sex, religion, color and race.

However, the case study is clear in portraying total transparency concerning the recruitment policy of Nikkei, which in essence amounts to setting an example for other companies in following similar policies. The fact that all candidates coming to Nikkei stores are granted interview in considering them potential customers and hires, the company has acted fairly in giving them a well-deserved opportunity to be considered for the Job opportunity without having any prejudice on any account.

The motive of the company is very clear in seeking the best candidates whom can further the objectives of the company in terms of growth and customer service as required by the parameters set for such candidates. The fact that some candidates are interviewed for shorter and some for longer periods cannot be treated as a basis of discrimination since the process requires that the candidate be Judged for his competency as related to the given Job. Some candidates are given the Job on the spot while some are called again, and this can be claimed by some as discrimination since the recruitment process should be uniform for all candidates.

However, such practices have to be Judged on merits since the objective of the company is best fulfilled by adopting the most appropriate processes to select the right candidates. Such a practice can however be treated as a violation of the industry standard employment practices since all candidates are not treated in the same way and may lead to some of them feeling demoralized and disgruntled. Hence, there may be a charge of adopting practices that are in violation of the industry standard employment practices (EYE Laws, 2009).

Pay Decisions at Performance Sports the given circumstances, it is imperative that the employer consider factors such as equitable rewards for the work, interesting nature of Job and a rewarding career. Essentially, employees seek a compensation yester, which is in keeping with their expectations and skills. Hence, Perkins and Balkan will have to first figure out an appropriate compensation package for the new purchasing agent by adopting a mix of direct and indirect compensation (Managing Compensation, 2007).

Direct pay will be the monetary rewards by way of the hourly rates, commissions, incentives and bonuses, which should be in keeping with his responsibilities and expectations from him. In being responsible for the complex Job of purchasing golf equipment at the most competitive rates and in furthering the Meany’s interest for expanding the mail order business for tennis equipment, the new manager will be expected to deliver exceptional results especially in view of the providing a rewarding Job, a positive working environment and organizational support.

To accommodate his personable needs an element of flexibility will have to be provided so that he has adequate advantage in achieving company objectives. An arrangement can be worked out with him as was done in the case of east Valley Sports whereby the performance levels as exhibited by the employee heavily influence compensation for such roles. This way the manager will have an incentive for achieving better results so that he is rewarded further, over and above his hourly rate of wages.

The Job of purchasing sports equipment will not entail any marketing objectives and he will be required to procure the best equipment at the best prices on which Perkins company can put in place an appropriate pricing strategy for its products. However, for the sale of tennis equipment through the mail order business, he will have to put in additional efforts in a very competitive environment for which he should be given motivation for achieving good results. For such a function an entirely performance based compensation structure can be offered to him.

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