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The ‘mechanistic organization has a relatively high degree of job specialization; rigid differentiations; many layers of management; narrow spans of control; centralized decision making; long chain of command and a tall organizational structure. The BBC Family Learning Centre (Daycare) is an ‘organic’ organization. BBC FLU owns/manages 2 child care centers and 2 before/after school sites. The majority of the staff at BBC are Registered Early Child Educators (RACE), with a couple of Early Child Educators (Ace’s in training) and a couple of Teacher’s

Aids. Management consists of 4 Supervisors (1 at each site), 2 Family Coordinators and 1 Financial Administrator and 1 Executive Director -?? this is a good example of a flat organizational structure. There is a wide span of control with fewer levels of management which leads to a short chain of command, increased subordinate/staff autonomy so they can make decisions quicker. B) Explain the 5 ways a company can departmental. Provide evidence as to which way the company departmentally. 7 Marks) 2. 3. 4. 5. Functional based on the primary functions performed Product – based on the goods/services produced or sold process – based on the production process used Customer – based on the primary type of customer served Geographic – based on the geographic segmentation of the organizational units BBC Family Learning Centre can departmental by ‘Product/Service’ as their primary’ service they provide is childcare.

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BBC has divided up their childcare services into 4 groups: infant, toddler, pre-school and before/after school. C) Identify the inputs and outputs of the business. 4 Marks) BBC Family Learning Centre Inputs – Teachers/Early Child Educators, Curriculum/Diversity, Children/ Students, Parents/Guardians Outputs -?? Public Service, Children/Students/ Families more exposed to diversity, Graduates from infant to toddler to pre- school to before and after school age.

Submitted April 24, 2014 page 1 of 2 d) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of it current production/operation system in terms of delivering the product or service to customer. (4 Marks) Abs’s major strength is the continuous improvement and constant ointment to seeking better ways of doing things to achieve greater efficiency and to improve the quality of services they offer.

Their quality control is very good -?? they take pride in the process of creating standards for quality and evaluating the outcomes and outputs.

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