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This report will be commencing with a brief introduction about Human Resource Management HARM) and about Wood industry, followed by the HER problems faced in this company and what are the reasons behind those problems based on the theories and giving some recommendations to overcome from those problems. A conclusion will also be included at the end Of this report. * 2. Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management (HARM) plays the most vital role in a business organization.

According to Web Finance(2013), HARM is the department which aims to make the employees valuable to the organization by dealing with the procedure of hiring and developing the employees. For the development of he employees, they are given promotions, safety, employee and labor relationship, further education and training and so on. Significantly, HARM involves in every management activity of an organization as the organization is made up of people (Price, 2011). Therefore, in each organization, there should be a well-managed Human Resource. * 3.

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Wood industry: Wood industry was established in June 1 999 with only 20 staffs. At the beginning the company grew slowly but through the years, the company has grown. Now they are running their business with more than 200 staffs and well equipped machineries to make fish products. Moreover, they are exporting some of their fish products to Sir Lankan. * 3. 1. Mission: Mission of the Wood industry is to provide the best and the freshest fish products (smoked fish, salted fish and canned fish) to their domestic and international clients with an affordable price.

In addition, they aim to provide a better working environment for their employees. * 4. HER issues in Wood industry: From the analysis we did in Wood industry, we came across different HER issues. Some of the issues are communication, ethical issues, dealing with difficult people and psychological contract. * 4. 1: Communication: In order to make an organization successful in their productivity and profitability, communication between the employees and the senior staffs of the organization is very crucial. The communication need to be clear in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Moreover, effective communication helps to build fellowship among the employees (Fletcher, 2013). As a result of better fellowship, the team work level improves and leads to a greater development for the company. * 4. 1. 1 . Communication issues between senior and lower level staffs The relationship problem between staffs of Wood industry is that hey do not have proper hierarchy of communication between staffs (lower level employees) and the senior management. First of all, we have personally communicated with human resource manager of the company, and we found that they do not have any record of staffs meeting.

In spite of this, we have questioned some Of the staffs and found out that they do not conduct meetings for lower level employees. Senior staffs’ conducts meeting once in a week, the meeting goes for hours but neither office sectaries do know about the goals and targets of the company. We believe that, this will lead to impact f efficiency of the work the company. Besides, we found that there is lack of team work in top management. Some decision which is meant to discuss and come to a conclusion is done by managing director or general manager only.

We believe that these may bring huge impact on staffs and overall performance of organization. ‘The effectiveness of the organization also depends on the success of its meetings where goals to be achieved, targets to be met and activities to be carried out are ironed out and discussed’ (Seen, 2009). Wood industry needs to involve their low level employees with the senior staffs in the meetings. When the meetings are held like this, the lower level employees would have a clear idea of what is expected from them. Moreover, the team works help to make better goals to achieve and would be easier to achieve the targeted goal.

Therefore, Wood industry needs to have a better organizational hierarchy and need to strengthen their team work. * 4. 1 . 1. 1 Organizational Hierarchy The solution for a better organizational hierarchy is to flow information from middle management to lower level staffs. By doing that the information is complete up to lower level staffs. The hierarchy is shown below. We believe that the company should arrange some way to flow the information to lower level employees. The chain of command should follow; senior management or manager can conduct meetings for lower level staffs at least once in a week.

Furthermore, Human Resource Department (H RD) can play an important role in communicating with the employees (Society for human resource management, 2006). * 4. 1 . 2. Team work From the researches we did in Wood industry, we have found that labors are enough motivated to do team work in such areas like fish cleaning and processing. Every day labor is given targets within teams by supervisors and Barbour make sure that its complete end of the day. Even though labors are motivated to engage in team works, we found that there is lack of team work in top management.

Some decision which is meant to discuss and come to a conclusion is done by managing director or general manager only. We believe that these may bring huge impact on staffs and overall performance of organization. To have a better team work the company needs to have an effective communication with the employees. Price (2011) says that the HARD plays the most effective role in managing the communication, because; HARD s the department is the function where the employees’ needs are being concerned. Therefore, the HARM need to have a better communication with all the level of employees.

In this case, they can arrange meetings for all the employees once a week. As r result of this, all the decisions would be taken after discussing with all. This will lead to team work. * 4. 2. Ethical ISSUes: Ethics are the principles and values that rule the human interaction in an organization. According to Lukas (2009), ethics are fundamental aspects of an organization as it is important to attract support and positive participation o make the company successful by all the employees. When all the employees have to work together, many of HER issues occurs in an organization.

In Wood industry also, they are facing lots of ethical issues in HARM. From the researches we did in there, we found that hiring and termination issues,and discriminations, performance appraisal are the main ethical issues of HARM. * 4. 2. 1. Hiring and termination issues: In Wood industry, some of the employees being hired do not know the main targets and rules of the company. Moreover, they do not have information about the exporting of the products to the Sir Lankan. Also we found that through the years, the job advertisements of this company are misleading. Their advertisements say a higher salary than the employees are actually given.

As a result of this, some of the employees leave the job after working for few months because they do not get the said amount of salary. Termination of the employees by themselves put the HARM in more trouble finding another new employee. Besides, some of the employees are asked to leave Wood industry unfairly. From the researches We found that, a person named Mohammed Washes (A12651) was asked to leave the job against the many rules and regulation without giving any proper feedback and against the disciplinary policy that should be followed while terminating an employee.

For a successful business organization, recruitment of the employees is the first step. It is very important for the new employee being recruited know the true situation of the organization (Gang,n. D. ). Therefore, the HARD of Wood industry should give more clear information to the person being hired. In addition, Gang (n. D) says that an employee is asked to leave the job there should be fair reasons for that. Therefore, HARM of Wood industry would make it fair by giving a proper feedback to the terminated employee. * 4. 2. 2. Discrimination: Discrimination among the employees is very common problem in most of the organizations.

We came to know that Wood industry is also one of the organizations where discriminations occur. Most frequently in the HARD, when recruiting the employees, they give importance to only to the people of that island. Even though the islanders are educationally less qualified, they choose them instead of the highly educated people from other islands and atolls. Furthermore, they give promotions randomly without giving much importance to how their work performance is. As a result of this the highly worked employees get De-motivated and the productivity of the company decreases.

The company needs to minimize the discrimination among the employees. Scott (2013) suggest to HER representatives to use the laws that prop bit discriminatory behaviors to make all the employees aware of it. The HARD Of Wood industry also can use such a law and can conduct awareness programs for every department to prevent discriminations among the employees. * 4. 2. 3. Performance Appraisal: Gang (n. D. ) says that performance appraisals are conducted to check the employees’ performance over a period of time. From the researches we did in Wood industry we found that they do not keep a proper performance appraisal.

As a result of this, the some of the employees are being punished because of their lateness while others are not punished. To have a good performance appraisal of the employees, HARD of Wood industry can hire a staff for it. That staff should be honesty, loyal and should take the responsible??y’ of evaluating the employees fairly (Gang, n. D. ). * 4. 3. Dealing with the difficult people: All around the world there are different kind of people and also those kinds of people are in almost every organization. Similarly, in Wood industry also the management has to deal with difficult people.

Due such people, the rest of the employees of the organization face lots of frustrations (Cavity, 2009). The most common problems among the difficult people are, they come late to the work, some leaves earlier, and also some employees harass others. These problems are not only in the lower level staffs, but also these problems are high in higher level workers. From the researches We found that the some managers make their words as the final decision. This leads to disagreement mongo the other employers. Those employees who come late to the work and leaves earlier are the workers who do not like their work.

It might be because they get a lower salary or their working environment is not suitable for the work they do. In addition, due to the lack of interest in the work causes harassment within the organization. In Wood industry mainly there are verbal harassment and threatening harassment. These problems are being neglected by the HARM of the company. HARM of Wood industry needs to take account to deal with the difficult people of the company. Cavity (2009) says that avoiding the difficult people in an organization would be the biggest mistake by HARM.

TO deal with these problems HARM need to have a close relation with the employees (Hatfield, 2013). So the employees would share how they feel about their working hours and the difficulties they face in the working environment. Moreover, to deal with the employees who harass with others, HARM need to talk directly to those people (Hatfield, 2013). Also, HARM can organize some seminars to the higher level of workers in Wood industry talking about the importance of working together and making decisions beneficial for the company. 4. 4.

Psychological Contract: psychological contracts are important aspect of workplace relationships and wider human behavior in an organization (businessman’s, 2013). Unlike the formal contracts, psychological contracts are not written in a document but it is in the employees mind. Employees have more interest in their jobs when they have a psychological contract in the organization. Therefore, each company needs to give importance to strengthen the psychological contract between the employees and employers. Even though, they have to strengthen, some of the employees of Wood industry’ have broken it due to he fool lowing reasons. 4. 4. 1 . Managers act different from what they say: In Wood industry, the manager tells the employees about the various opportunities they will get. Some of the employees work for those opportunities but they have not got it still. This breaks the psychological contract between the employee and the employers. To make the psychological contract between the employees and the employers, HARM need to tell the employees about the opportunities which the company can offer to them. Therefore the employees would work for the benefit of the organization without breaking their psychological contract. . 42. Changes in executives: From the researches we did in Wood industry, we found out that there were two times the executives of the company have changed. Due to these changes in the executives the psychological contract terminates. This problem is something which cannot be overcome totally but can be reduce. To reduce this kind of issues the HARM can conduct good communication sessions with both the employees and executives. * 4. 43. Promotion to workers: Last year promotion to the employees of Wood industry was given without any proper performance appraisal.

As a result, the most ineffective employee as also given the promotion in the last year. Due to this, the other employees crack their psychological contract with the employers. To avoid such promotions, HARM of Wood industry can make a proper performance appraisal. Therefore every employee would be treated fairly and promotions could be given to those who deserve more. * 5. Recommendation: Human Resource Management is the most essential department of an organization. They deal with each and every staff of the organization. Therefore, HARD need to be linked into the design and implementations of overall organization departments (Keenan, 2008).

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