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Are the resources that provide utility value to all other resources. 2. The term procurement stands for 3. The characteristics of human resources are 4. In nature Identify the managerial function out of the following functions of HER managers. 5. Which of the following is an example of operative function of HER managers? 6. The scope of human resource management includes 7. Human resource management is normally in nature. 8. The human resource management functions aim at 9. Which of the following aptly describes the role of line managers and staff advisors, namely HER professionals?

Which of the following, according to your textbook, is the name of the professional organization that represents those who specialist in the management and development of people? Your Answer: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Which of the following best describes the line manager? Correct Answer: A line manager is a person who has direct responsibility for employees and their work. Their work – see page 4 of your textbook. Which of the following was the earliest name for the people management specialist? Your Answer: Industrial welfare officer

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Which of the following is NOT a typical feature of the HARM approach to the management of people? A pluralist approach is used A pluralist approach – see page 11 of your textbook. Which of the following is NOT something which is normally included in Kaplan and North’s (1992, 1 996) balanced scorecard? Behavioral observation scales. Incorrect. Behavioral observation scales are the element not normally included in the balanced scorecard. For a full account of the balanced scorecard, see page 10 of your textbook. Which of the following is the best description of soft HARM?

In order to gain competitive advantage through the workforce, regardless of whether they are full- or part-time, temporary or contract staff, all potential must be nurtured. The characteristics of soft HARM are best reflected by the statement that “In order to gain competitive advantage through the workforce, regardless of must be nurtured.

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