Human Resource Management Assignment

Human Resource Management Assignment Words: 268

Diversity has been recognized as one of the strengths BASS has in terms of the different cultures and competencies employees has to offer. A platform for each individual within the company has been created to make the most of their abilities and talents which in turn contributes to BASKS successes. Employee engagement are widely described n the case study (Maniocs 2014:38) by starting with a motto “Leadership starts with ME” this is a key factor to motivate all employees to become great leaders within the company.

Contact between managers and the workforce are maintained by means of a quarterly indaba, this platform in turn is used for employees to voice all major and minor concerns. Yearly conferences are also held to address all important issues of leadership excellence. Team meetings are held on a monthly basis for all members of the team to realism what problems they currently have, what targets they are aiming for and what tepees they will take to rectify any problems. It keeps all team members informed of progress and it also encourages them to help each other if any problems need resolving.

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Team meetings also give employees the chance to air their views and bring out any problems that they are facing and are a major motivational factor in any business. Succession planning c D By keeping the customers and their employees satisfied, BASS are sure to grow in this ever competitive market. Question 2 Comment on the significance and effectiveness of the Follow-up and Evaluation of Bass’s induction programmer in contributing to the organization’s strategy.

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