Hospitality management Assignment

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Centric strategies Is focusing the mind of employees on customer service and being sensitive to the client needs(observationally. Com). Offering early check in and late checkout upon availably, free lounge service and secure any bad experience before the guest’s check out (PWS. Com). Employees are the concrete assets to the hospitality industry. Specially the customer service agents, they are the most critical asset to the company. It’s important to take care of the employees so they take care of the customer (“Marriott. Com”).

A business must be loyal to its customers in order to receive loyalty in return (disneyinstitutecollateral. Com). Being better than anyone else does not allow for customers to consider alternatives, as they know that they cannot receive what they get elsewhere (brandmarketlngintegratlon. Com). Most of the hotel chains created a profitable loyalty programs to reward their returned guest and to ensure loyalty from members (moll. Com). Brand standard guarantee the customer receiving specific arrive, amenities and experiences starting from reservation all through the guests stay and ending by their check out.

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To maintain brand integrity, hotels use their brand standards in order to design a personalized experience that makes each guest feel unique (Marriott. Com). As hotels are spreading into different new location in order to rule the market, they’re challenged to balance between the brand consistency across all their locations and the need to insure some degree of individual character at each location (silages. Mom). Usually guests choose one hotel over another because they have a sense of familiarity and loyalty with the name.

The upcoming years are predicted to be brighter for the hospitality Industry (watermarking. Com). Since travelers are always looking for the best offers, hotels for determine a standard room rate (hospitality-school. Com). Revenue Management has always been able to balance the rates according to the market demand. Hotels are now able to update prices for all future arrival dates to match market demands, hanks to advanced applications (deathlier. Com). More than half of all traveler use online booking.

The hospitality and travel business need to expend their online connectivity to keep up with customers’ needs (tourism-review. Com). Also mobile is exceeding PC as the most common web access devices. To expand their market share, hotels must make sure their websites optimized for tablet and smart phone use. The sales and marketing departments have to create some innovative ways in using the growing social media and the mobile applications (Hospitality. Org). Finally, it is essential to maintain repeat business as well as to obtain a new one.

Insuring excellent Communication with franchiser delivers a same standard, which in turn make loyal customer (liabilities. Com). Customer centric strategy enables the industry to differentiate itself from competitors (centrifugations. Com). Customer service agents are the most critical assets in the business. They ultimately have the biggest impact on the customer experience (Marriott. Com). In order to compete in today market, any business needs to make a balance between the cost and the final price.

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